19 01 2010
I’m very new to
this blogging thing, but my sister Heather has been blogging for a while now and she inspired me to join in on all the fun! I want this blog to be a way for me to share my journey to finding the perfect balance for ME in my life. I came up with the idea for my blog name yesterday in my yoga class when the instructor said, “it’s all about YOUR body, know YOUR limitations,” and this made me think how I can live MY healthiest life. My nutrition, workout, and just everyday life needs are completely different from others. That’s the beauty about the human race in my opinion, everyone is so amazingly different.
For starters, I plan on using this blog as a food journal, workout log, and just a way to write down my thoughts and feelings. Hopefully by sharing my journey to find a great balance in life for myself will help my readers!
This morning I started the day off with an Oikos 0% fat blueberry Greek yogurt with 2.5 tbsp of ho
memade granola (Ellie Krieger Nutty Granola Rec
ipe on and 7 bite size prunes.
ok ok so my camera is messed up right now so i had to take some photos off google, but this should give you all an idea of my portion size for breakfast. This is almost exactly what my breakfast was but i had blueberry gr
eek yogurt rather than the plain, other than that its spot on!
For Lunch I had some chipotle root veggies!!! YUUUMMM!!!!  I threw a small sweet potato cut into 1in. x 1in. chunks, 1/2 15. oz can of black beans, some cooked corn (about 1/2 cup), and 1/2 a red bell pepper cut into thin slices into 2tbsp. of hot EVOO mixed with some chipotle seasoning, sauteed the veggies for about 8 min (until the potatoes were browned) and then I topped it off with two pinches of Weight Watches Mozarella cheese, talk about AMAZING!!!!! I finished off this lunch with an extremely LARGE and juicy Navel Orange.
After my awesome lunch I ran up to campus for my first class of this spring 2010 semester!  YAY for Principles of Health!  My teacher just went over the syllabus and cracked a few jokes with us then let the class out about an hour early.  All I had to do was cross the street to get to the gym for my  super hard workout!
I did TONS of strength training yesterday so I wanted to focus more on my cardio today.  I am playing in the CoEd division for intramural flag football (4v4) and basketball so my cardio needs to be really good!  I ran two 7minute miles, then did the stair climber on level 8 for 10 minutes (i’m trying to perk up my butt so I figure this is the way to go! hehe), and then I enjoyed watching sportscenter on the eliptical for the most intense 45 minute session I’ve ever had.  I ran into my teammate Kelsey at the gym and she asked me to pepper with her in the gym and we both tried to teach Chad (my boo 🙂 ) how to play and he actually caught on well for having no volleyball instruction whatsoever in his life!  We decided to get real intense with the pepper for about 20 min. and this was the highest my Heart Rate had been the entire day! Talk about EXHAUSTED!
I came home afterwards and ate 2 celery stalks with 2 tbsp of Smart Balance Crunch Peanut Butter.  That really hit the spot!!!
Since I am so new to the blog world I could definitely use some help on what you would like to read about.
Do you want more pictures?
More nutritional information?
More in depth workout logs?
More about my daily activities?
I’ll be back with more on our lovely dinner made by my good buddy Mike (Chipotle chicken….CAN’T WAIT!!) later tonight!



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