20 01 2010


How is everyone today?  I hope well! I’m going to make this one a quickie then really go into detail about my day tonight after my night class!  I have a long day ahead me.  I am about to go workout, which will be a circuit training workout (14 different stations, each station done for 1 min with a 15 second rest). These circuits are quick and kick my butt as well as the burn fat the fastest which is what I’m looking for!

Yesterday I found out last night that we are for sure heading to Las Vegas for spring break to stay in the Desert Sands (resort or just a really nice hotel) for FREE!!  I love the sound of that word!  My buddy Mike’s family has a Time Share and we get to use it there!  His parents are going to provide us with food and beverage while we just pay for the plane ticket and then obviously club fees etc.  Looks like I’ll still be needing as much MULAH as I can possible get!  I’m soooo very excited about this, however, even though I will be having a great time I won’t be drinking the whole time I’m there.  My friend Janna will be coming with us as well and she doesn’t drink so it will definitely be nice to have a girl there that doesn’t drink to balance out the crazy boys haha, plus I don’t think guys enjoy just laying out at a pool all day lol.

Well, I’m off to workout, I’ll be back for more later today!  Sorry for no pictures….just yet 😦




One response

20 01 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

i didn’t know you were going to vegas…i thought you guys were coming out to us in CO? sounds like a killer workout 🙂

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