22 01 2010

Hey Hey Hey!

Man today has gotten off to a slow start meaning I just woke up about 20 minutes ago lol. But I started off my day with a yogi SLim Life Green Tea, a Large Navel orange, and the same Oikos 0% Fat Greek yogurt!…MMMM MMMM MMMM!

I have a great day planned right now, me and Chad are heading to CostCo as soon as he wakes up to get party platters with cheese and crackers and all that jazz because my roommate Chelsea and I are having a COCKTAIL PARTY!!!  WHEE!!

I’m so excited about it, I’m not drinking or anything but it’ll be nice dressing up, taking pictures, and seeing all my friends!!

For today’s workout I have planned to run 3 miles, do 10 minutes on the stair climber on level 8 (gotta get this butt growing! and I don’t have any cornbread around 🙂 hehehe) and possibly another mile or something on the eliptical and my Gaiam Pilates DVD!

This DVD kicks butt!!

Here is  YouTube video that I hope makes everyone’s day!




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