Cheat Day???

23 01 2010


haha everyone remember those commercials from back in the day?  I woke up with it stuck in my head!

The cocktail party was a SUCCESS!!

The Set Up 🙂

Everyone had tons of fun….

and my boo looked soooo good 🙂

I had a great day yesterday!  Chad and I went to CostCo where I had a F-R-E-E lunch (love that word….free) and I found the blender of my dreams!!!!! Its the blendtec! This blender can do everything from juicing, to smoothies, to making dough, to making rice flour or corn meal, to making soups, to ice cream….literally it has EVERYTHING!!! the only drawback was that its $400 😦 NO BUENO!!!  but at least we got FREE lunch!

Today has been pretty good, I haven’t done too much with my day which is sad to say bbbbuuuuuttttt, I cleaned up the entire apartment this morning, then I watched The Hangover (my favorite movie), then I read a little in Breaking Dawn, and headed up to the rec where I was supposed to play volleyball the whole rest of the day


Get this, all sports at our rec center have priority over volleyball so we didn’t get to set up a net….how messed up is that?  There are 3 courts, you can leave 2 for basketball and set one up for volleyball!  I was sooooooo upset, I went to the weight room and pumped some iron, I did 3 sets of bench press doing 10, 8, 6 then 3×8 squats, super setted arm curls with 15’s and big shoulders (ask for more detail about that), and then 1 leg squats with 15’s and super setted calf raises and tricep pushdowns.  I then came home and did my yoga DVD and now I’m sitting in the dark living room wishing the rain would go away!

This dreary weather is really making me crave something bad…I mean really bad like some greasy PIZZAAAAAAAAA from Papa Johns…..

Yummoo!!!!  Maybe if I can scrounge up enough mulah, I’ll get one of these suckers with wheat crust, little cheese and TONS of veggies!!!  Trying to make it as healthy as possible with some splurge in there as well!  If not maybe I’ll settle for just a hamburger from Braums????  Not sure yet!

Do you ever just get cravings for bad bad food that you don’t know what it is you want to splurge on so you just eat everything in sight???

I’ll update you all on the final decision for my cheat day :–) adios for now!



One response

25 01 2010

yes, always, unfortunately! that sucks that they didn’t let you guys set up a net! volleyball is WAY better than basketball!

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