Where Is YOUR Hope?

25 01 2010

What A BEAUTIFUL morning!!!

Yesterday I had the most relaxing day of the 2010 year…which is strange considering I am extremely stressed out by so many different things right now, and I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday.  I woke up around 9am, and immediately started reading

while still laying in bed, and I read about 110 pages, so I have now finished the Book of Jacob and just have the Book Bella left!  (that’s about 300+ pages but still!)

I eventually forced myself out of bed and piled on layers of clothes because the apartment was CCOOOOLLLDDDD!  I made it downstairs finally sometime around 11, and made myself a PB, Honey, and Banana sandwich

2 tbsp. Smart Balance Creammy PB, 1 medium banana, no measurement on Honey, 2 slices Whole Grain Bread

and some tofu and wakame miso soup

and the ingredients and cooking instructions are as follows:

1 cup dashi
1 small zucchini (sliced)
1 small onion (sliced)
1 tablespoon miso
1 green onion (chopped)

1. Bring the dashi, zucchini and onion to a boil in a small sauce pan.
2. Simmer until the zucchini and onion are cooked.
3. Remove from heat.
4. Dissolve the miso with some of the heated dashi in a separate bowl. (We do not want to boil the miso as it will not taste as good.)
5. Add the miso back to the soup.
6. Pour the soup into a bowl and top with green onion.

It was a great start to my day….I like to consider reading Breaking Dawn as my breakfast hehe (i know its horrible I skipped the first meal of the day but it was so hard to get myself out of my WARM bed and into the COLD air.

After eating I watched

….once again, I have an addiction for extremely cheesy movies…might have something to do with my sort of extremely cheesy personality :-p

After the movie finished I drove out to Justin, Tx to go coach my 16 year olds, and we had 4 girls in practice, and only 1 was healthy enough to do EVERYTHING, another just got released to play after being out for 6 weeks or so with a bulging disc


….and from experience, back injuries KILL in volleyball.  My Junior season at UNT I had twisted lumbar vertebrae so they were everywhere and it was pinching my sciatic nerve which gave me shooting pains up and down my back as well as the craziest  back spasms that got so bad to the point that sometimes my muscle was so tight I couldn’t even take a step forward without feeling like I was tearing a muscle up in my back….after many pain killers, muscle relaxers and rehab my back is now in semi normal shape…for being as normal as possible after that.

Our libero had gotten a concussion in a soccer game a week ago so she could only move around so much without getting dizzy, which means she needs to sit down, and another girl had a back injury as well so I’m guessing you can imagine how this practice went……

TONS of D-E-F-E-N-S-E!

I then continued on with my day and went and got groceries at the new Kroger on Teaseley, and thats by far the BEST grocery store we have here in Denton when it comes to selection!  This Kroger has more than any other kroger, albertsons, wal mart, etc. I got extremely excited and went a little crazy!

I realized I was getting short on time and still needed to come home to shower before church.

and our Pastor Matt Chandler talked about the Book of Colossians and asked us “Where is YOUR hope?” This really made me think about my life and where my hope truly is.  I know I do good, but everyone needs to always take a step back and reasses, change things up.  I realized that I have no idea where my hope is right now…I know I have faith, but my hope? Makes me feel sort of lost, but at the same time at least i know now where I stand.  I am trying to get everything in my life back on track in terms of my personal relationship with God, I pray all the time but I don’t spend near as much time in His Word, or going to church with is something I have truly missed, and going to church last night seemed to really fill this void that I had no idea that I had…amazing.

As I was walking out I ran into Beau Hughes

Denton Campus Pastor and Lubbock Native

and he asked me how everything was going and I responded back with “I’m doing very well” standard answer when I’m in a hurry and don’t really have any desire to go into how i’m REALLY feeling.  Of course, he saw through it and kind of just stood there and asked a few more questions about break etc. where I broke down about my dad and some other past issues that I’ve struggled with over the years and we went and sat down in a corner and prayed, and low and behold I felt soooooo rejuvinated. I felt cleansed.  It was by far one of the greatest things I’ve experienced because every bit of pain that I have been feeling has been so deep, and I don’t ever tap into those emotions…I’d much rather just ignore it and move on…but thats now how it works, regardless how hard i try.

As I was walking out of the church I called my friend from Lubbock up and drove into the Dallas to hang out with him and we just hung out with him and his adorable puppy, and I made it home around 11:30, and I read 2 chapters in the book of Bella, then passed out.

I woke up this morning feeling so thankful for just being able to wake up, and I put on some Colbie Caillat (to make me feel like I was back at the ocean, or just in CA at least) and opened the blinds to let the sun pour in!

I walked downstairs with a new bounce in my step and made the standard breakfast….

and then added a cup of…

and had a….

+1 tbsp Smart Balance PB

What a great way to start my day!

I then packed my lunch, with a medium navel orange, and made a turkey wrap with honey roasted turkey (thin sliced), a 12g fiber whole wheat tortilla (100cal.), some yellow mustard (no measurement), 1/2 a small hass avocado, mixed organic greens (red leaf, arugula, spinach), and shredded carrot (again no measurement, just eyeballed everything).  I cannot wait to eat this lunch!!!!

Well, its class time now!


I’ll leave you all with this question, “Where is YOUR hope?” Think about it…..




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25 01 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

i love you! i’m so glad you wrote this 🙂

30 01 2010
Hope for Haiti « My Healthiest Life

[…] is to PRAY!  The Lord will take care of us, we just have to have faith….we have to put our HOPE in Him, and know that regardless what happens here on Earth we will be going to a much more amazing […]

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