Don’t Worry Be Happy…

26 01 2010

Gooood Morning!

There is nothing better than starting your day off with a little Bob Marley, I find his music so relaxing.

I think I’m starting to understand my camera a little but I still haven’t gotten my flash back 100% but the pics I took of breakfast this morning aren’t too bad!

I started my day off with 1 cup Special K Red Berries, 1 Cup Fiber One (approx 320 cal) and 1.5 cup Nonfat Milk (135 cal) and 1 medium banana (approx 70 cal or so)

the reason for the HUGE breakfast is I’m going to be running errands all morning then going straight to class till 2, and for some strange reason I forgot to buy little snacks like almonds or baby carrots at the grocery store this weekend

Then I added a piping hot glass of Yogi Slim Life Tea!

I then went ahead and packed my lunch…leftovers from dinner last night….

stir fry veggies with a morningstar asian veggie patty

I have a hard day planned for cardio….I haven’t done much cardio the past 3 days (saturday I was hoping to get a lot in playing volleyball but we all know how that went…..)

Today I plan on running for at least 30 min (or more depending on how good my runner’s high is), then walking on an incline of 15 on speed 4.5 for about 30 min., then doing the eliptical for 30 min on resistance 6 and an incline of 10 (a little cooldown, or cool in-between) and then I plan on going for an imagined mountain climb on the bike to finish the day off! Since I have such a tough workout planned I’m going to need some music to really keep me going and I have this song I heard on the radio on my ipod right now to make sure I keep my “game face” on! 🙂

I have to coach tonight, hopefully there will be at least 2 fully healthy girls!

I got into the 500’s last night in my Breaking Dawn book!  I still have about 200 pages, but that will only take about 2 more nights of reading!



2 responses

26 01 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

girl, that is NOT a huge breakfast 🙂 sounds like quite the cardio day, too! i was going to tell you, you should look up spin bikes on craig’s list…i bet you could find a good deal on there!

27 01 2010

haha well huge compared to my usual yogurt and granola that I’ve become so accustomed to

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