Preparation is Key!!!

27 01 2010

Hey hey Hey!

So, I am in between classes right now and decided to make the 20min walk home for lunch instead of going to the gym to workout (which I’ll do in between classes during my hour and half break).  I actually love long days like today because I LOVE planning!  haha, I know it may sound strange but I enjoy waking up early and preparing every meal for the day and having everything together to make the day easier.  Everything is much more pleasant this way instead of feeling super rushed!

I woke up this morning and had a bowl of the Special K and Fiber One mix

1/2 c Fiber One, 3/4 c Special K, 1/5 c Nonfat milk

I cut the portion sizes down from yesterdays bowl because I was a little too full and today this seemed to be pretty much perfect! Oh yeah, I added 1 medium organic banana!

I then Drank my amazing up of Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Tea!

Sorry, I’m not much of a photographer but I’m doing my best lol

I then grabbed a few things out of the fridge….

100 cal each tortilla with 12g Fiber!!!

This wrap is a new favorite of mine!  The tortillas are so absolutely amazing, and all the veggies = tons of healthy goodness and energy!!!  I wrapped that all up in some recycled foil and then moved on to put together my dinner for the night!

put 1.5 cups in a tupperware container

then I put some cooked edamame in a sandwich bag, grabbed a mangelo as well as an Oikos 0% fat vanilla Greek yogurt and this picture came out 🙂

I can’t wait to get done with this upcoming workout just so I can enjoy such a scrumptious meal!

For my workout today I plan on doing the Interval circuit, as well as incline sprints on the treadmill.  I will do the sprints for a total of 20 min, 15 seconds on and 30 seconds rest at 8mph with an incline set at 15.  If I have time or energy then I will do a little more cardio or some abs, but the rec center gets pretty busy around 5pm so I might have to beat some people up just so i can use the 15lb dumbbells hehe just kidding!!

Alright….its off to class I go again, this time its my Leadership Profession in Health class, then later on my Corporate Health class!  We have a quiz tonight, wish me luck!





2 responses

27 01 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

good luck! I love that wrap…where’d you get the bread?

12 02 2010

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