Rainy Dayzzzzzzzz

28 01 2010

Hello Everyone~

This morning I woke up to wet streets, cars, and porch…as I look out my window the only thing on my mind is curling up and going back to sleep or curling up and reading Break Dawn 🙂 teehee.  Instead I have to shower, fix my hair, put on makeup to walk out into the rain and go to some interviews.  Not that I’m complaining about the interviews, because lets face it…I could use a little extra cash, but its more the getting ready and stepping out into the rain that turns me off.  Oh well!

I wish I had some oatmeal here at the casa because I would try some of this egg white oatmeal, or even the pumpkin oatmeal…really just any kind of oatmeal because its HOTTTT.  Instead I settled on a nice steamy cup of Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Tea

and some Oikos

and a small coffee mug full of my Special K and Fiber One and Nonfat milk

1/2 cup Fiber One, 1/2 Cup Special K 1 cup Nonfat milk

I think I’m in the middle of my cold cereal craze….it seems as though I can’t get enough…but my stomach won’t allow me to fit anything else in there so I’ll just have to wait for my next opportunity!

I didn’t update last night but after my class got out an hour early!! I went to the rec to finish my cardio (ran another 1.5 miles) and then did ab work with Chad!  He walked me back to my apartment (it was pitch black outside, so I’m glad I had someone to walk with) and we went our separate ways…him to the library and me into the apartment where I burried myself into Breaking Dawn and into a cup of Miso Soup!

it was late so I didn’t want to munch on anything heavy, even though I was STARVING but I know its not very good to eat late at night so I thought some Miso would be the perfect ending to long day!

Tonight Chad, our great friend Mike and I are talking about going to this local coffee shop called Banter for their open mike night and then might go out to Fry street (the bars) but do not worry, I will not be drinking or anything tonight so there will be a Designated Driver!  I’m excited for today now that I’m starting to think about everything ahead of me!  HOLLA HOLLA for getting over the Rainy day blues in a matter of 5 min! lol.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my best friend Mario (I went to school with him when I was out in San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly) who plays soccer over in Spain called me from skype (so its free…God bless these free opportunities so I can keep in touch with one of the greatest people I’ve been so blessed to meet!

I’ll be back later with pictures, maybe videos from open mike night, and some more FOOD!!!!

Later Gators!!




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