Hope for Haiti

30 01 2010

Good Evening everyone!

I’m having another great night….not a crazy eventful one when it comes to going out on the town and whatnot but I made a great meal for dinner, had an amazing dessert, and got to skype with mine and Chelsea’s old roommate Amanda.  **If you do not have skype I encourage you to get it!  It is by far the best way to keep in touch with loved ones…I pinky promise!**

Tonight for dinner I made a Black bean burger panini, except I used one of my amazing tortillas….

100 cal, and 12g of fiber, and its Whole Wheat + EVOO!

1 morningstar black bean burger patty, about 1/8 cup cheese (or less), 1/2 a small avocado and a little bit of Papasittos salsa that Chelsea brought home from work!  I threw it all in the tortilla then threw that on my George Foreman and came out with….

the inside of my cooked "panini-quesadilla"

and I threw in a few Garden of Eatin Red hot blue corn chips as well

I like to put my meals on the small plates so that I can pack the plate full of food (just like this) and it most of the time comes out to 500 cal or less!  **One way to help yourself portion stuff out is to eat out of smaller bowls, or smaller plates, you don’t stuff yourself as much that way**

After dinner I decided I wanted some frozen yogurt so I packed on the layers, and drove myself on over to Yogurt Story.

This place is so cute and I honestly would totally LOVE to own something like this one day….maybe?!  haha You never know!  But I do love me some frozen yogurt and thats all that matters!  TOnight I mixed together a little bit of cookies and cream yogurt, Peanut butter yogurt, and NY cheesecake yogurt…on top I threw on some Strawberries and a little nut mix!  It was AMAZING and only a total of 200cal (based on my calculations but that could be a little flawed)

and on my drive home I was craving some sort of carbonation and so I decided to stop by Sonic and pick up my all time fav….other than root beer…Diet Dr. Pepper….its sooooo amazing!

I came home to a long Skype sesh with me Amanda and Chelly (we were all roomies last semester)

Amanda, Myself, and Chelsea

While we were skyping Amanda had asked us if we watched the Hope for Haiti and unfortunately we don’t have cable at our new apartment so the answer was an obvious no.  I decided to Youtube a few performances, and this one was my favorite….

Justin Timberlake is one of my favorite performers and this performance truly touched me….brought on the goosebumps and tears.  It tears me up that I couldn’t do more for the cause other than buy this cd and a couple other donations due to my financial situation right now, what I would give to be super rich right now just so i could give it away to help Haiti.  One thing I can tell you that we can ALL do regardless of any financial situation is to PRAY!  The Lord will take care of us, we just have to have faith….we have to put our HOPE in Him, and know that regardless what happens here on Earth we will be going to a much more amazing and wonderful place.

I know I am nervous about how I will die, because no one wants to die a painful death, but all the nervousness is basically taken away because those minutes, or hours, or months, or years of pain will be nothing compared to the eternity of bliss that I will have when I go to Heaven.

Please if you can donate or anything for this cause to help the people of Haiti that would soooo much appreciated!  This world won’t get better if we don’t help one another out!

I’m off to get back to my reading, I think this is enough for the night but I’ll leave you with this….

“We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like His Son, so that His Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sister.  And having chosen them, He called them to come to Him.  And having called them, He gave them the right standing with himself.  And having given them the right standing, He gave them His glory.” -Romans 8:28-30

So, for those of you who are believers are you showing His glory through your actions? I think today its more important to show His glory and love through actions, and to have the words to back up the actions once you draw in your audience.

ps.  Hopefully I will soon have the book called Crazy Love that Chad’s good friend Katy (hopefully when i finally meet her we can become good friends too 🙂 according to him we are a lot alike) suggested that I read, and its all about God’s Love!!!

That’s it for the night, Goodnight everyone!!!




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31 01 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

i’m super jealous of your dinner last night…the panini looks so good!

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