BRRRRRR-Rabbit Cold

31 01 2010

Every time I think of cold weather I think of this saying my friend Kelsey R. would say, “It’s BrrrrrrrRabbit Cold!” lol.  The first time she ever said that I thought to myself how country she was, and to this day I still laugh really hard at how cute and country that saying is! hahaha

So anyway, Today was a really good day for me!  I woke up late (again :-/) then I made my last Vanilla Oikos 0% Fat Greek yogurt + PB + Dark chocolate almond granola+ Honey!!

the beginning....

it didn't feel complete yet so.....

So I added HONEY!!! made this perfect!!!

I then had my daily cup o’ tea

and today’s quote of the day was….

It says, "By listening you comfort another person"

I thought this was a good quote, I try to listen to others as much as possible because more often then not people are really just looking for someone to listen, not give advice.

I then sat around and did stuff online after eating my breakfast….I was looking through some blogs and I found a recipe for Green Oatmeal which I am really interested in trying.  I have a feeling it might be a new favorite of mine, and I know I will be feeling good by having oats, veggies, and fruit all before 12pm!!!  Sounds like a good accomplishment to me….taste + health = AWESOME!

Then I headed over to Kati’s house (aka my lil’ sis)

us being goofy and drawing different smiley faces on our tummies...since my belly button used to be pierced my smiley had a lip ring :-p

We headed to coach practice, where we found out our libero has most likely torn something in her knee which is No Bueno at all, but we ended up having our best practice of the season.  We are most likely not going to have enough girls to compete in tournaments this year, but at least now kati and I can really break down their vb game and make them into the best players for their next HS season!! I will do my absolute best to ensure they improve as much as possible!

After practice I headed home (a little bit in a hurry b/c we had to leave for Chad’s flag football games around 4, and it was 3:30 when we left the gym).  I ran inside and packed on about 50 layers of clothes, and make this little snack so I could last through the games without complaining how hungry I was.

2 mini Luna bars (70 cal each) and approx. 15 Garden of Eatin' Red Hot Blue Corn Chips (approx 140 cal)

The chips were yummy and I ended up not eating the Luna bars in case Chad needed something to snack on in between his 3 games.

Good news is His team won all 3 games today!  Holla…and Chad played so well!!!  I was planning on taking pictures and maybe a few videos for you all to see but I didn’t want to take my hands anywhere outside of my blanket because it was “BrrrrrRabbit Cold”! lol

We then headed to Chicken Express….my first time ever, and I got the #1 (4 piece chicken +1 side + biscuit).   I got the corn nuggets for my side and I ate it all!!! I was soooo hungry.  It definitely wasn’t the healthiest meal but I am starting my official training to my “ideal” body.  I look really good right now but I also workout for 4-5 hours a day almost and I’m starting to exhaust myself (which is why I’m sleeping so late…I think at least).  So instead of killing myself in the gym all the time because I’m not eating as well as I should, I am going to watch what I eat more carefully, and then those times that I want to “cheat” I’m going to look in my weight watchers, or Ellie Krieger, or Cooking Light magazines and find a healthy + tasty way to supplement my craving.

For starters, I’m going to start going to be a little earlier now….sometime between 11pm and 12, or maybe earlier depending on what time I get up, but I will do my best to get 7-8 hrs. of sleep a night….no less no more is the goal.  I do really well when I find a schedule/ routine that works for me but I haven’t really found my routine yet because I’m still waiting on a job :-(.

Anyway, its bedtime!!!




One response

1 02 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

hahaha…i never realized that your smily had a lip ring, but that’s hilarious!

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