Some new favs

1 02 2010

This morning was productive for me!  I woke up and had my 2nd to last Oikos yogurt + honey + honey and oats Cascadian Farms granola, then a cup of my usual Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Tea.

sooo cute 🙂

it was yummy as usual!

my tea cup!

"Practice Kindness, COmpassion, and Caring"

I then packed 2 mini luna bars and a few chips for a snack in between my 11am and 1230 class!

S'mores and caramel chocolate brownie

Garden of Eatin' Red Hot Blue Corn Chips (i'm so addicted)

After my environmental health class got out I walked my 20min walk back to the apartment to hop in my car and run some errands and grab a quick lunch from the health food store here in Denton, Cupuboard Natural Foods.

I got a “Jerk” Tempeh sandwich and the Vegan Superfood Smoothie and both were AMAZING!!!!

Soy Tempeh marinated in spicy Jamaican jerk sauce with lettuce, tomato, red onion, served on toasted Light oat bread

and now my new favorite smoothie 🙂

bananas, organic apple juice, peaches, almond and cashew cream, (Goji, acai, noni, mangosteen (1oz. total)) and Spirulina (1000mg)

I then headed back to the house where I picked up my backpack and walked to my third and final class of the day.  We didn’t do much in this class, our teacher lectured and we went over our case study from last week but my group got an A on it so we were out of there by 420 (30 min early!!). SO I scooted on over to the rec center where I did a 10 min stair climber warm-up on level 10 (burned about 135 cal) then did an hour full body lift (I only lift M, W, F) including goblet squats, leg curls, hamstring curls, calf raises, 1 leg Dumbbell RDL’s, back machines, row machine, tricep pushdowns, dumbbell incline bench press, BIG shoulders, and then some abs and ran 1 mile (6 min 30 sec) while waiting for my spin class!  And boy oh boy this class was H-A-R-D today!  Kicked my bootay!

I didn’t want to walk home in the dark by myself so I waited for chad to finish lifting and in the meantime I watched some good ol’ rec basketball and talked to my girl Ashleigh (From cal poly) and caught up for a little, and spoke with the rents as well!

I was starving when I got home so I concocted another burrito-ish thing that was wonderful!

1 whole wheat tortilla (100 cal, 12g fiber)+ 1 egg + 1 egg white + mixed greens and carrots+ 1 morningstar mushroom lovers patty + a pinch of cheese

oh yeah….I left out the Kalamata olives!!

I added a few Garden of Eatin' Red Hot Blue Corn chips for more of a "Chipotle" Restaurant feel

What a great day!  I just went upstairs and read a few chapters in my Corporate Health book, and worked on an assignment (which I completed) so then I started making my grocery list for tomorrow!

Chad and I will be heading to CostCo for the main things like trash bags, cereal, fruit (since I go through it like crazy) and maybe a few samples while we are there 🙂

Sorry for the half post with no title last night, I had planned on having all this up before I went to sleep but my internet just wanted to go a little crazy on me and fade in and out :-/ oh well!  I got to go clean the house while he is in class before we head out!

Have a great day!!!




One response

2 02 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

yummy wrap! those chips are my favorite…which is why i never eat them… 🙂

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