Going Green!

3 02 2010

Morning everyone!

So I’ve figured out that sharing the internet makes it difficult to get a great connection at nighttime so from now on most of my posts will be in the morning.  I share the internet with about 5 of my neighbors (its agreed, we all split the bill so it equals up to about $5 a month) and we all seem to be trying to access facebook at the same time!! haha

Anyway, I had a really nice day yesterday.  For some reason I felt super rushed and crazy but I really wasn’t.  I think I just missing having tons and tons of things to do all the time so I like to play “pretend”?? haha or not.

I woke up around 7am and made myself some Oikos blueberry 0% fat yogurt with honey, then decided to warm up my last tortilla and add a little smart balance and honey to it to go alongside the usual yogurt and tea!  My favorite part about this whole breakfast was the tortilla, these we seriously so wonderful!

my cute lil' honey jar 🙂 it always makes me smile

I then ate all this up and got into some reading for my class and then got ready for the day!  Chad called around 9:15 for me to pick him up from class so we could head to CostCo!!  I got more Special K Red Berries (mostly for chelsea, but the big size is important in case I get another case of the cold cereal cravings), granola (organic pumpkin…I usually get the hemp in this brand but the pumpkin was the only flavor they had, but I’m not complaining, I love pumpkin as well!), some of my most beloved fruit…MANGOES!  This are already cut and ready to eat so I’m super excited about this!  I also got some Almond Butter made by marathona and some H2O bottles as well!

The setup of the stuff that I got solely for myself looks a little like this:

Chad was a little disappointed in the fact that CostCo didn’t have any samples out while we were there, but we are planning a trip back in the near future on a Saturday afternoon so that we can make about 3 rounds at each sample table for a free lunch (in my case a free lunch and dinner because that stuff fills a girl up!).

We headed upstairs and watched some of the old show called In Living Color….this has to be one of my new favorite things….it was sooooo hilarious!

hahahaha, oh gosh, I highly suggest you youtube this show, all are hilarious especially the ones with Jim Carrey like this one:

oh goodness, these crack me up!

I asked chad if he could  bring over his first season of this show over to my apartment so we could watch it for Valentines :-)….speaking of Valentines, did I mention I have my very first Valentine????  I also got my first New Years Kiss this year…I guess I am almost 22 (Feb. 18) so I’m a little behind haha, oh well I’ve enjoyed all these holidays with my girls and family every year!!

I then headed to class around 12:15 and we watched a video about a Vietnam War veteran (we are studying optimism, and how that helps one maintain a healthy life, which is what he had especially after having half his face and chest blown off at Vietnam….the skin was blown off….he said he could literally look down and see his heart beating….CRAZY!!!)

After class I sped walked home so I could make it out to Roanoake to pick up my prescriptions, and then I went ahead and drove the 5 min to Central Market (thank you backroads) to pick up the rest of my groceries:

Oats, blackberries (2 for $3!), Goji berries, Pomegrante seeds, pureed butternut squash, frozen veggies mix, organic spinach, millet bread, and nonfat milk

After my trip to my favorite grocery store (I still haven’t ever made it to Whole Foods, but Central Market and Trader Joes are my top 2) I headed back home so I could throw on some workout clothes and sweats to go coach in!

I threw together a coffee cup of cereal and half a banana, and the other half of the banana went on my piece of millet bread with almond butter and honey!

about 1 cup Special K Red Berries

**I didn’t eat a “lunch lunch” because I took so many samples from Central Market**

Tonight we did mainly just a hitting practice (only 2 girls, one Outside Hitter, and the other an opposite hitter) and at the end of the practice for the last 30 minutes we played 3 games to 10 points of 2v2 (kati and I split up and played with the girls) which was a lot of fun but I am definitely way more rusty than I originally thought!

I made it home and waited for Chad to come pick me up so we could go to the rec (I hadn’t worked out yet) and we went and he lifted weights while I just ran (4miles, then walked 10 min at an incline of 15 speed of 4.5) and did abs (V-ups 2×10, leg raises 2×20, dead bug 2x10ea, russian twists 2×15 weighted with 10lbs, side planks w/ dips 20 dips on each side x 2).

When I got home I wasn’t hungry so I walked around the kitchen trying to decide if I wanted to eat….I knew I should eat something but I didn’t know what…so I just settled on 2 Mini Luna bars, each with 1 tsp of Almond butter

It was too late to eat a full meal, and I figured this was big enough (about 200 cal or so)

I headed upstairs to do some reading, and some assignments for my classes!

So Here is why I titled this “Going Green”…

I made green oatmeal this morning and it was soooo amazing!!! Best oats I’ve ever had!

Here’s the setup:

Organic Oats, Goji Berries, Pom seeds, 1 banana, blackberries, Almond Butter, Nonfat organic milk, spinach

I made whipped banana oatmeal, then added a big handful of spinach and stirred it right in!!

I then threw it in the blender with 1tbsp of Marathona Almond Butter

blended it right up + 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract

I threw in a few pom seeds and goji berries as well 5 blackberries and some cinnamon and honey

I mixed it right up.....

and then there was none!

I finished it all off with a cup of my usual Yogi tea!

My Recipe for the oats go a little like this:

1/3 c organic old fashioned oats

1/3 c nonfat milk

1/3 c water

1 banana thinly sliced

1tbsp almond butter

1 handful of organic baby spinach

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

1 pinch pom seeds

1 pinch goji berries

5 blackberries

a drizzle of honey and cinnamon


Put the oats, milk and H2O together and cook for about 5 min till it starts to bubble, then pour in the sliced banana and stir very fast for 5 more min, then add in the spinach and stir till the spinach starts to wilt, but you don’t want it to cook too much so a lot of the vitamins and minerals stay in the spinach. I then threw it all in the blender and blended it and Viola!!!  You got green oats and add whatever else you would like in there!

After breakfast I then read a chapter in my Corporate Health book and put together my lunch:

2 slices millet bread, mustard (i love that stuff), more spinach, shredded carrot and some honey roasted turkey

it was the perfect amount of food to eat about an hour before my workout!

Today I did Circuit 3, in the workout section of my blog and did only 30 min of a lighter cardio on the eliptical….incline set at 10, and resistance at 6…I burned about 350 on the elip, and who knows how much in the weight room.  I then did the Wheelbarrow abs (a roller you strap your feet onto and stand in plank position and wheel knees into chest…I swear it takes 2inches off my waist everytime I do this! lol)

I ran home and showered, and prepared some frozen veggies real fast before my night class.  I couldn’t be late tonight (shouldn’t be late ever…which I’m not, but if I were to be late tonight couldn’t be the night) due to the fact that we had a guest speaker.

such a yummy chipotle mix, has EVOO, chipotle seasoning, sweet potatoes, red peppers, onions, black beans, and corn

fixing it on the stove

portioned out....some for tonight, and some for tomorrow!!

His name is Matt Young and he deals with worksite health promotion and is a graduate of UNT.  He works with a lot of truck drivers in stretching, workouts, quitting smoking, drinking, Blood pressure, etc.  It was really interesting and made me realize how excited I am to get into the health field when I graduate (whenever that is depending on grad school).

After class I realized how tired I was and if I wanted to get any reading done I would have to invest in some coffee.  I’m not much of a coffee drinker (even though i LOVE the flavor, the caffeine is too strong for me) but I went ahead and headed to Starbucks where I ordered a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte which only has 90 calories!! HOlla and it is sooooo yummy!

Sitting atop my Principles of Health book 🙂

I am now ready to get some of this reading over with and try to get a good nights sleep!  I would really like to get up around 7am tomorrow morning to prepare some butternut squash oatmeal prior to heading over to a few places to pick up some more applications to fill out!! Wish me luck!

Good night everyone, sweet dreams!




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3 02 2010
Nutritious Foodie

Do you live in Houston or Austin?

3 02 2010

I actually live right outside Dallas in Denton

4 02 2010
Kay's Nutty Oasis

I really need to try blending my oats to add the spinach – looks oh so tasty 🙂

haha I love that jar of almond butter that you got!!

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