So Nice, So Sweet

5 02 2010

Why hello!

How is everyone doing today?  Hopefully you are all doing just as well as I am!  I woke up feeling totally rejuvinated from what seemed to be a crazy long week!  I am just kind of hanging out right now deciding if I really want to do homework now or save it for later because of how peppy I feel!  I definitely want to go somewhere and just walk around and see people!

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Yesterday’s lunch was so nice!  The panini I made was amazing, on top of the oh so sweet and juicy mango spears on the side!!

2 slices Millet Bread, 1 Morningstar Mushroom Lovers patty, Spinach, Carrot sticks, and mustard with Mango on the side

I headed to class right after this, then on to workout where I just ran for about 30min, talked for about 45 min 🙂 then headed to my Spin class (45min) which was crazy hard again!!  Holla for getting my bootay kicked!

As soon as I got home I ate the leftover veggies, and heated up 2 morningstar Asian veggie patties because I was STARVING!!!

sorry about the missing bit of the first patty...I just couldn't wait!

and then I munched on 2 of these little babies:

I then headed upstairs and got in the shower to get ready to walk on the court for halftime at the basketball game to get recognized for making good grades as a student athlete.  Thankfully I did not trip!!! Our team ended up winning, and then Chad and I just headed back to the apartment where I ended up eating a bowl of cereal and he ate his dinner, and watched Chappelle’s Show Season 2 (not the whole season though…I was too tired for that).

I woke up this morning craving my all time favorite sandwich!!!

A Grilled PB/AB + Banana + Honey Sandwich!!!! = AMAZINGNESS!

I added a few of my favorite Mango spears, and some blackberries

It was soooooo yummy!  So perfectly nutty, So perfectly crunching and soft, So Nice, So Sweet 🙂

I’ve decided to get out and do something, I’m not sure what but I think I’ll come up with something while I’m making my bed, and changing clothes!

What is your favorite sandwich?




2 responses

5 02 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

muffaletta baby! i love the olive salad, that stuff could make any sandwich amazing 🙂

6 02 2010

oh oh oh, girl that olive tapenad (or however you spell it :-)) is bombdiggity! lol we must get our love for olives from daddy!

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