Food Rainbow

6 02 2010

Afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone is having a colorful day!  I forgot to upload my dinner from last night so here it is:

a few thin slices of organic turkey, my chipotle veggies, 1 slice millet bread + smart balance butter, and a few organic chips

I was so tired from working out so hard (pilates class 1 hr, then eliptical 1 hr, then ended up lifting with Chad approx 1 hr, it was too dark to walk home by myself so I waited on Chad, but ended up just lifting with him) that I came home and the only things that sounded good were every part of this strange array of food.

We ended up going out to this place called Tavern (bar) and we sat and had great conversation till closing!  While we were there I had Uno Blue Moon Beer (with an orange slice 🙂 )…sorry I didn’t bring my camera with me so no picture of this.

I came home and passed out!

This morning I woke up around 9am and had myself a Breakfast Cookie that I had prepared last night, along with 4 slices of mango (I ran out….this is a sad sad day)

1/3 c oats, 1 tbsp AB, Pom Seeds, Goji Berries, 1/8 c Nonfat milk + Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Tea

It was perfecto!!!  I then rushed upstairs to finish getting ready for my spin class which was at 10:30, and then I had a yoga class following right after at 11:30.  My booty was kicked hard today! Man oh Man my Spin instructor had us really working out endurance today!  My heart rate was up high today!  I love that feeling, walking out of a workout knowing you got as much as you could out of it!

I headed home, while talking to my Parents (I love them so much!) and fixed myself another strange array of food for my lunch/post workout meal…

Spinach & Butternut squash & Whipped Banana oats (1/3c pureed butternut squash, handful spinch, 1/3 c H2O 1/3 c Nonfat Milk, 1/3 c oats, cinnamon, 1 medium banana, honey, and 1 tbsp AB

I then warmed up the rest of my chipotle mixed veggies….sweet potato, black beans, corn, red peppers, onion, + 1 tsp EVOO and chipotle seasoning

I may have sprinkled a little bit of cheese on top of my veggies 🙂

As I am writing now I cannot seem to finish my oats (I ate the veggies in a snap of a finger!).

No reason to stuff myself….like my yoga instructor always says, “listen to your body…its all about what your body needs” hints the reason why my blog is called MY healthiest life 🙂

For the rest of the day I will just be checking my mail (again, I’m waiting on my contacts that my parents mailed me) along with working on Homework, maybe a nap somewhere in there and a disney movie.

Tonight Chad and I are going on a date…I like dates and Chad always knows how to make me feel special …to Kona Grill (at Northpark Mall) for reverse happy hour.   This is instead of happy hour during the day, it is at night, and not just on drinks but on sushi  as well!!  Holla Holla for $2 sushi rolls!

I’ll be taking plenty of pictures (if I remember my camera) for you all to see!

Have a great day!




5 responses

6 02 2010
Jenna @ Healthy. Happy. Well

Loving the butternut squash mix! Looks time consuming to make though! Your blog is great! I can’t wait to read more!

7 02 2010

Hi! Just thought I would read you blog and catch up. Hope you all had a nice date and enjoyed the sushi!

Congrats again on the free sport drinks you are getting. Love you loads! Mommy

7 02 2010

It says my comment is awaiting moderation. What does that mean?
Love, Mommy

7 02 2010

It did it again so I copied and pasted your website name.

Hope that is what I needed to do and that you get this .

Love–again!, Mommy

8 02 2010

Hey mommy! When it says awaiting moderation that means that I have to approve the comment first! Love you!!

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