Bad Memory

8 02 2010

Good morning!

How is everyone’s days starting out?  Mine is great, however I can’t seem to figure out a way to walk out of my house with 1) getting my entire foot/ankle soaked in the pool of water on both porches and 2) I’m scared to even open the front door because it seems like all the water will come pouring in…and we definitely don’t want that!

I haven’t updated in a while because I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!  Chad and I were supposed to go to sushi at Kona Grill on Saturday night (for a little date and reverse happy hour) and when we got there it was soooo packed!  So, we ended up going to Hooters in Lewisville to meet up with some of his friends for a birthday and Chad had the 10pc spicy wings with cheese fries, and I had the grilled Mahi sandwich (mostly just ate the fish, not the bread…it was a little too late at night by that point to eat many carbs, but I was too starving to not eat so I munch on the perfectly grilled Mahi Mahi!).  I forgot my camera so it all goes unpictured, so I will fill in the picture hole with this one of Chad and I when we went to go visit some friends a couple weekends ago.

Then on Sunday, Chad and I headed into Dallas early early early to meet up with Heather and Nate (sister and brother-in-law) for a church service at Watermark.  On our way to the church Chad and I grabbed some McDonalds.  I had the Sausage, egg and cheese Mcgriddle (first one in over 2 years) and he got the Sausage McGriddle meal, and I gave him my hasbrown.  We both had orange juice to drink :-).  It wasn’t the healthiest breakfast but I had already declared Sunday as my cheat day for the week so I had no worries at all!

I ate everything except the hasbrown...that was given to Chad very willingly

At church, the speaker talked about Worry and how that is a sin.  It is a sin I have been committing a lot lately.  I am worried all the time it seems, just worrying about all different things and people.  One thing that I took from this lesson is that God will do what He has planned.  End of story.  I need to accept that and “when I make a right turn but God forces me to go left instead” I will celebrate His glory instead of worrying….I will TRUST and have FAITH.

After church, we all headed to On the Border for some lizunch!!! (sorry, I had to mix it up a little) and I ordered the lunch brisket tacos….a suggestion from H&N!  That suggestion was right!  These were wonderful!  I shared them with Chad cause I know he loves his brisket!…I left my camera, again, so I had to take the picture off of Google but it is the exact meal I ordered except I only ordered 2 tacos instead of 3.

Chad and I had to leave lunch a little early so I could get back and go coach on time!

After coaching We headed out to our friend Darren’s house for the Superbowl.  Now I’m only going to say this once so listen very very carefully my friends… was Superbowl #44 (which is MY number) so the deal is whoever I was cheering for was going to win…without a doubt.  I’ll give you one guess…..that’s right I was going to for the SAINTS!!!!!!!!!! Granted, my girl Travasha (one of my best friends from the L-B-K) is a cheerleader for the Colts) and I wanted to see her on TV soooo bad, but I reallly think winning the superbowl will benefit the city of N.O.

While we were there I had some homemade dip (forgot my camera….hints the title of this post….Bad Memory) and I had a scoop of that and some tortilla chips, 2 baked lemon pepper wings, and a small bowl (that I couldn’t finish b/c I was so full from such a big day of eating poorly) of red beans and rice.

After eating that Chad and I rented Kings of Comedy and watched that while eating some Dreyer’s Dibs.  That was one funny comedy show, I will tell you that!

Also, yesterday my buddy Mike gave me the G.I. Diet cookbook

I know I know, I'm not looking so good this morning

and Chelly and I also received this magazine in the mail!  I had no idea we got it!

and this morning when I was putting away the brownies that Chel made (so I wouldn’t eat them all) I found this to clean up the eating counters with!

very cheesy, I know

and then while I was taking these pictures on my computer with my photobooth (one of my fav things about having a MacBook) I found a few of these goofy pics….

teehee…well, I’m going to go try to stay dry and figure out if my classes are still meeting so I can leave before my apartment starts to flood!  I’ll be back with more pics….Promise I won’t forget my camera!!! lol

Have a great day everyone!!!




One response

8 02 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

haha the backwards pictures are funny 🙂 i was scared the title of the post meant there was some memory you had that was bad, but i laughed when i read that it was just you forgetting your camera hahaha

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