Easy Day

8 02 2010

hello Everyone!

How was everyone’s days?  Mine was nice, relaxing, and very wet (due to all the rain!). I woke up and was starving!  I usually wake up a little bit hungry but nothing close to starvation like I felt today! haha must be my stomach was so used to being expanded from all the food I ate yesterday it didn’t know what to do without being fed tons of food 🙂

I started my day off with a bowl of special K Red Berries, I didn’t really feel like fixing anything this morning so I took a little break.

I then stepped outside to see how flooded my front porch was before deciding which pair of shoes to wear out and which ones to bring to change into once the first pair was soaked after the first step…

I then headed to my classes and during my break I went to get a few things for the week

Light Muenster cheese, Nonfat Plain Greek yogurt, sundried tomato pesto, and some portabello veggie patties


Egg Whites and Chocolate superfood for my attempt at my sisters 3-minute cookie!

and for dinner this week I will be having some baked tofu (recipe will come later) along with some asian veggies

I love anything with edamame, it will always taste so good to me!

Today’s lunch was amazing, and I am looking so forward to fixing this sandwich everyday this week!

Morningstar mushroom veggie patty, 1 slice Light Muenster cheese, 1 tbsp sundried tomato pesto, spinach, 2 slices of millet bread and on the side some pom seeds and goji berries as well as blackberries

it was delish!! Absolutely one of the best panini’s I’ve ever made!  The sundried tomato pesto definitely made the sandwich!

I then headed to my last class and as soon as that was over I headed on over to the gym where I lifted a little but was just not feeling like doing a HUGE workout so I listened to my body, went upstairs and stretched till my Spin Class, which ended up being crazy hard tonight!

After my workout Chad and I headed over to Mike’s house for some of his authentic homemade spaghetti and meatballs.  He uses his grandmothers recipe (who is from Italy) and they were amazing!!!

I completely forgot my camera (BIG SURPRISE) because we were in such a hurry to make it to his house but I had about 1 c pasta and 4.5 meatballs with lots of tomato sauce and 1 slice garlic bread, and washed it all down with a Diet Coke….yummmmm!

Tomorrow its time to get back on my eating schedule and workout schedule but i’ve enjoyed the little break I’ve had, however I can definitely tell a change in my energy levels since I’ve started eating bad.

Time to go read, I have a test Wednesday night so gotta get to work! G’Night!




2 responses

9 02 2010

That’s when you need a pair of those bright colored rubber galoshes 🙂 haha

9 02 2010

i miss the rain…it goes away a lot faster than snow 🙂 good luck with the cookie, i hope you like it 🙂

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