Eda ma ME!!!

9 02 2010

So I have officially decided that I am really starting to become a good cook.  Here is why, I made plain tofu taste BOMBDIGGITY!!!  Can I get a double holla for that one?

And the crowd says ” HOLLA HOLLA!” lol

Anyway, I actually remembered to take pictures today…it helps when I keep the camera in the kitchen :-).

For lunch I had the same amazing sandwich as yesterday, 2 slices millet bread, sundried tomato pesto, light Muenster cheese, 1 Morningstar Mushroom Lovers patty, and spinach grilled to perfection on my George Foreman!

the yummy inside of my sandwich

Because I was feeling a little sleepy I went ahead and got a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks to get a little boost but I couldn’t finish it because my belly was full!

I then headed onto class, then went straight to the rec!

There I ran a mile for warm up (7min), then I lifted legs, goblet squats, lots of hamstrings on the ab ball, calf raises, booty lifting lunges.  From there I did some abs, mostly just planks (side dip planks, and regular plank lifting up one foot for 30 sec.)  I climbed up onto the stair climber for 12 minutos and had it alternating from a level 8-12 the whole time….my booty is feeling the lift 🙂  I then watched sportsnation while I did sprints and a BIG hill climb in the middle for an hour.

After that I walked slowly home and headed on to cupboard to finish grocery shopping for the week.

Agave Nectar, Alo juice, whole grain bagels (for my sandwich), vanilla, power roll, and a breakfast bar (more on the last two in the future)

after putting this all away I made some miso to keep me over till my dinner was made

While I was scarfing that soup down I was stir frying up some EDAMAME, baby corn, carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, pea pods, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and asparagus.  After it was cooked I topped it with a soy sauce, garlic chili sauce mixture with some ginger, garlic powder and honey.  It was soooo good!  THen I chopped up my firm tofu after soaking up as much H2O out of it as possible and marinated it in the same sauce as the veggies, then mixed in some sesame seeds and “pan fried” it.

The end result looked a little like this:

I know  need to get my breakfast cookie, sandwich, dinner and resume prepared for tomorrow!  I got a job fair to go to in between classes, and then I’ll workout at sometime, then I have my first intramural bball game at 11:15pm!!

I hope everyone has a great night!




4 responses

9 02 2010

you’re the sweetest person ever, i loved your comment on my latest post. i love you!

10 02 2010
christie, honoring health

Tofu is a hard one to tackle but once you get it, it is so easy! hoooray for delicious tofu! lately, I have been hooked on crumbling it up and having it in marinara sauce.

10 02 2010
Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Love those lattes…yum! 😀

Sounds like you had an awesome workout at the gym! 😀

10 02 2010

You’ve totally inspired me to bust out the Forman!

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