Happy Early Birthday…To Me!!

11 02 2010

Here is where I’ve been all day long……

Chelsea and I

Caitlin Me and Anna

Freshman 06'


Anna, Ali, Chelsea and I

some more Greenery in Hawaii

Pipeline....it was a "calm" day that day lol

me and caitlin at pipline 🙂

Wishing I were on Hawaii lol

I’ve been jammin out to Rebelution while studying….these two are my absolute favorites on days like today


they are seriously amazing LIVE….by far the best live performers I’ve ever in my life seen!!!!

Good evening y’all!

I don’t really like doing much of anything for my birthday so tonight Chelsea, Chad and I went to dinner at El Guapo to celebrate the birth of me 22 years ago (even though its not till the 18th).  It was such a nice time just hanging out with my roomie and my boo, laughing and just being silly.  On top of that having some bomb Mexican food (aka comfort food for the snow day).

Tonight I ordered a strawberry margarita (10 oz.) and almost couldn’t finish it but it was too berry-ish to let go to waste (I don’t think there was much tequila in it but thats ok….I was drinking it more for the berry flavor than the alcohol).  I then ate chips, guacamole, and queso as an appetizer, then enjoyed a spinach enchilada that had zuchinni, spinach, green peppers, and onion in it and topped with a little bit of cheese.  (that went unpictured because by the time I realized I had actually remembered my camera for once the enchilada was gone and I was already done eating everything else….even though there is half of each left)  I got a chicken empanda and some chicken something else….i can’t seem to remember what the third item was.  Chelsea told the waitress it was my birthday so I could get a fried ice cream for FREE!!!!  HOLLAAAA…but I was so full at that point I couldn’t come close to finishing it so I packed it right up for Chad to take home and enjoy later.

SOrry the pictures are dark…I’m still struggling figuring out whats wrong with the flash on my camera.

that’s all I could eat….I was STUFFED!!

I had to wear the sombrero while they sang happy birthday to me and placed a MASSIVE fried ice cream with whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce right in front of me!

it was so hard to resist.  I couldn’t really do much more damage to it after this because my belly couldn’t hold anymore food but at least chad is able to take it home to enjoy!

right outside the rec center….school is closed which means so is the gym 😦

on the side of my apartment

and the walkway in front of my apartment!

I didn’t do any physical activity today whatsoever….I actually spent the whole day working on a little reading and looking at everyone’s blogs!  TOmorrow I WILL be going for a long walk, even if it is just to take TONS of pictures in the daylight!

Chelsea and I have tickets for the All-Star Basketball Jam Session at the Dallas Convention Center, but with all this snow it will probably get cancelled…..oh well I really was looking forward to meeting some celebrities and getting autographs….and getting dressed up!!!  I wouldn’t have forgotten my camera that’s for sure!

I guess I will just have to reminisce on my encounter with Will Smith my freshman year of college :-)…….

Will Smith+Cal Poly Women's Volleyball Team 06'

Doin' it Big Willie Style....I know I'm looking rough but oh well I still met him!!

and just a couple more photos from this trip from Pepperdine Tournament, to Nebraska tournament, to a week in Hawaii for 2 games against them in 06′ my freshman year at CP!

Candace and I in Hawaii....man I miss this girl!!

Ashley and I....just got done eating some HUGE breakfast buffet!

at lunch after shopping on our last day in Hawaii

The team at the Nebraska tournament

The team in hawaii after 1 week.....definitely looking a little more brown or red

Anna, me, Katherine, Ashley, Ali

on Waikiki beach??

Caitlin, me, Chelsea, and Ashley

I really just enjoy going through old photos and remembering old trips 🙂  I miss these girls so much!

That’s about all I got for tonight folks!

Have you ever met a celebrity?

What’s your favorite summertime music?

I really enjoy Bob Marley and Rebelution, The expendables….anything reggae 🙂




2 responses

11 02 2010
Heather @ The Joyful Kitchen

ummm remember when we saw laird hamilton and gabrielle reese? yeah, that was my only celebrity sighting 🙂 oh, and i want to be in Hawaii too…wanna go sometime?

14 02 2010

i just came across your blog and i can’t wait to keep reading!
i would love it if you could check out mine and follow 🙂

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