Snow Day!!

11 02 2010

Today I woke up to SNOW!!! IT’s everywhere, we are supposed to get about 6 inches here in Denton, WOWZAAAS!  I snapped a few shots this morning to give you all an idea of what I’m looking at (its about 2 more inches deeper now)

my cizarrrrrr....his name is "The Stallion"

my footprints

As for my food update….I am so sorry I haven’t updated anything on here till now but yesterday was the longest day of my career here at UNT!!  I spent a record 14 hours on campus yesterday!!!!  From 11am-12:30am!!!  The reason….I had class from 9am-9:30pm nonstop (well, 1 one hour break where I went to the gym and ran 5 miles in 47 min!).  I then watched my roomie Chelsea play her intramural games, then worked the books for my guys team’s game, then I had a game that was supposed to start at 11:15, but everything was running behind so we didn’t start till 11:45!!!  We won the game…HOLLA!  Then I went to Applebees with Mike and Chad for something to eat b/c I was STARVING!!!!  I arrived home around 1:30am-ish and passed out till about noon today!

I had prepared everything I was going to eat yesterday, on Tuesday night so that I could bring it all to campus with me!  Here are the photos!

my bagel panini for lunch= spinach, 1 slice Light Muenster cheese, 1 whole grain bagel, and 1 tbsp tomato pesto

My breakfast cookie...the same recipe as before

Carob-Cocoa Pemmican meal bar (wasn't the best but it got the job done at least)

Power Wrap (all kinds of seeds and such wrapped in Noni) wasn't that great so I only ate one out the two

Alo Enliven Juice (Alo pulp + 12 servings of fruits and veggies=100 cal....and soooo good!)

a small coffee cup with Red Berries and Nonfat milk

When we got to applebees I munched on chips, queso, salsa that Mike had ordered as well as muching on Chad’s leftover french fries….not the healthiest but I worked out hard today and my body was screaming at me to feed it with whatever was in front of me!

Today I have enjoyed a modified Breakfast cookie….the best one I’ve made yet

I used to same recipe as always, except substituted 1/2 medium banana mashed up and just ate the goji berries and pom seeds on the side!  The banana made this soooooo moist and delish!!! I wish I had more bananas so that I could’ve made another one! lol jk….but seriously

Then for lunch (3 hours later) I made my own “gourmet grilled cheese” using 2 slices millet bread (small slices b/c they were the last 2 in the loaf, 1 tbsp tomato pesto, spinach, and 2 slices Light Muenster cheese!  I was trying to make up my own version of the Panera Bread Tomato and Mozarella panini!  If I say so myself, it was better!!!

and today’s quote of the day from Yogi Tea is….

"Appreciate yourself, and honor your soul"

I love these teas mostly because of the inspirational quotes that I get to read every morning to help me get my day started!

Today’s activity will be very limited due to the snow but I will be doing my pilates ABs video as well as this real old school yoga VHS that I own, but I’ve never done it.  We have stairs in our apartment so I’ll probably run a few stairs as well just to get my heart rate going a little.

I ran out of my Twilight Woods body wash this morning 😦  But thankfully I still have $30 left on my Bath and Body works gift car that I got for Christmas.  I might make a trip to go get some more of that, and then I need to get to studying for my 3 tests that I have all on Wednesday!

What are some of your favorite comfort foods for days when you are stuck inside?

Also, check out this giveaway!  Check out the awesome Amazing Grass Giveaway @honoringhealth :

I hope everyone has a great day and stays dry!  I will be back with more later!




4 responses

11 02 2010

that sandwich sounds good…what do you like about millet bread? the name kinda scares me… 🙂

11 02 2010

I like the millet bread b/c it has lots of seeds in it….it has a very nutty flavor which I love b/c it seems more “earthy” to me 🙂

11 02 2010
christie, honoring health

hot cocoa, for sure!

Thanks for sharing my giveaway!

18 02 2010

The snow was so beautiful, I loved it. It didn’t seem like we were in Texas either.

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