20 02 2010

Hey guys!  Sorry this post is going to be super short…I’m in a hurry getting ready for Chad’s flag football tournament and he’ll be here any second. but to update you on my eats the past day or so….

cran lemon zest Honest bar for snack

1 c butternut squash soup + 7 kalamata olives + 1 Mushroom patty + ketchup

Birthday Dinner at Cyclone with Tyler….best salmon I’ve had in a really long time!  And great conversation!

grilled salmon + mango habanero sauce + cilantro on top (i didn't eat the rice) + 4 thick slices of grilled zuchini and yellow squash (i put the salsa on top of those b/c I had to try the salsa but obviously can't eat it with the chips) and black bean soup w/ cilantro (i had a few bites but was too full)

I ordered a skinny girl margarita but I didn’t like it so I gave it to Tyler after one sip and he added it to his top shelf marg

I went out in denton after for a little then came home and passed out…I was too tired from the week of school to stay out late and truly enjoy myself

Chocolate oats: 1/3 c old fashioned oats, 1/2 medium banana, 1/2 c H2O, 1/3c Nonfat milk + Amazing Grass Chocolate, AB 1 tbsp, other 1/2 of banana, agave nectar

then I got caught up on The Biggest Loser all morning online (sorry, this was very necessary…I had to put it first before blogging this time)

Checked my parents into my flight, then headed to the gym after eating this…

Honest bar...I think it was the trail mix one

at the gym I did 6 300’s sprints on the track after running a med paced 400 for warm up, then went downstairs to do 15 min of incline sprints (incline @ 7, speed at 9.5-10 mph) 15 sec on 30 sec off for 15 min.  Then did wheelbarrow abs with Clint…wore him out 🙂 Then I walked on the treadmill at incline of 15 speed of 4 while I watched SportsNation, then did sidebend abs with a 45lb weight….Chelsea and I decided we were tired of being at the gym and headed to dinner at Ferra’s this nice little Italian restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for over a year.

Here my options were limited due to the fact i can’t eat cheese.

started out with a roll...or 3 :-/...sorry the pictures are so dim, the lighting is lit for a more romantic setting

I ordered a glass of this Austrailian Merlot but I didn't really feel like wine much after I ordered it so I only had a few sips

I ordered the lowfat spaghetti….EVOO, garlic, basil, spaghetti

chelsea got the meat tortellini with the vodka sauce

then we headed to beth Maries Old South Homemade ice cream shoppe….I got the pineapple sherbert and Mango sorbet

Chelly got the Old South Fudge...I may have had a few bites :-p, and the campfire marshmellow

Then we headed back to the apartment where we automatically decided to not go out and watch 101 Dalmations, then that lead to Beauty and the Beast, which is where our good friend Eric came over and hung out with the three of us (all piled onto my bed aka couch to watch the VHS’s), then we watched Finding Neemo.  I ended up passing out sometime around 11 :-).  It’s go time now! I’ll be back to fill you in on some more good eats later today!



5 responses

20 02 2010

i wanna eat that italian food….it looks sooooo good even in the dark 🙂 love you!

20 02 2010
Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

omg all the eats in this post are making me drool ❤ seriously!! sad to hear you didn't like the skinny girl margaritas- i wanted to try those! have a great weekend


21 02 2010
christie, honoring health

Delish eats!

happy weekend!

1 03 2010
Janna Golden

Salah where do you buy your feed?

7 03 2010

I usually shop at Cupboard Natural Foods here in Denton, or at Central Market in Southlake on my way home from coaching 🙂

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