21 02 2010

Hey guys!

I didn’t have a super crazy Saturday or super busy day for once!  It was really nice, and a pretty mellow day!  I was only rushed in the morning b/c I woke up a little later than planned but turns out there was no need to rush!  I had a really great day!  As soon as I realized I had more time than I imagined I cut up the pineapple that one of the bartenders at Papasittos was nice enough to give me last friday (it was finally ripe and chelsea and I finally have knives to cut it with 🙂 ) For my breakfast I had a breakfast cookie – banana + cocoa nibs 🙂

I think I’m going to start using my white coffee mug to make these suckers b/c it popped out perfectly this time!!!

cookie +tea before putting on plate with pineapple

I kind of wish my cookie were a yellow color or something b/c then I would have made a sun for breakfast….or it would have looked like one at least

Then Chad arrived at the house and we headed to Lewisville for his flag football tournament!

Chad on the far right #8, getting ready to run a route

on the far right....I think he just started his route in this pic

I’m obviously not a great photographer but I did my best…I got a few decent action shots

(far right) changing directions in his route

he was starting his jump to catch the ball (which he did catch...he doesn't drop the ball....EVER, its amazing)....he also jumped so high his knees where even with his opponents head athletic

Anthony just caught the ball for a TD!

getting ready for his route again 🙂 I love watching him play

Jeff coming down from catching the pass Mike (QB) just threw...i think this resulted in a TD...or close to it

Running in for the TD (not chad...I'm afraid I don't know his name)

Chad caught this....told ya he doesn't drop anything no matter how bad the throw is

gave away free snack size (100 cal) clif bars

I ate 1 around 11:30am

then ate this free Cliff mojo snack size bar around 2pm

but I was still hungry around 4pm so I ate another snack size cliff bar (100 cal)

we then headed back to Denton after watching the Semifinal match, and Championship match (Chad’s team placed 5th, but it was their first time to play together which is really good!!! I’m so proud of them!)

As soon as I got back I went to the gym for a little weight workout, and I saw my new friend Wes and found out he just made the UNT FB team!  COngratulations Wes!!!

I was STARVING when I got back, and I had some leftover Ezekiel pasta (plain, no sauce) in the fridge so I threw a bunch of left overs together….1/2 cup cooked pasta, 1.5 tbsp tomato pesto, spinach, sliced carrots, italian seasoning, garlic powder, and some pineapple on the side with a H2O bottle + 1 pckg Crystal Light Peach Green Tea for my Dinner

this was so very good 🙂

I also forgot to show everyone what I got for my birthday!

My sister and Brother in Law sent me the Ellie Kreiger cookbook (she’s my favorite other than Gillian Mckeefe from You are What You Eat on BBC), and the book Crazy Love!

and Chelsea got me an HOUR LONG MASSAGE + tip included and EVERYTHING!!!!  I was super stoked!

I got a card and some money from my parents…but the most important present from them was that my dad is now CANCER FREE (had surgery on the 17th, and my bday was the 18th) just in time for my birthday!  THat was by far the best present of all!!!!

Chad has a surprise for me but we had to postpone it to next weekend.  Hopefully Chris puts up the photos from the photoshoot on Diverse couples in a few days so you all can see them!

Last night After dinner I just worked on my notecards for my tests next week so I don’t get stressed out with last minute cramming and all that good stuff!

Today I woke up around 9am and made myself 2 eggs + dried oregano (140cal), 1 whole wheat bagel + butter + agave syrup (grilled the bread b/c we don’t have a toasted), and some grilled pineapple but i got impatient waiting for the grill marks on the pineapple so I just took it out but it was still delish!

I’m off to finish my grocery list, then planning practice for the day before heading to the gym for a little cardio!



6 responses

21 02 2010

hurray for you liking the books! hope you enjoy them 🙂 i left you some love on my blog 🙂

21 02 2010
Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

yumm everything looks delicious and nutritious 🙂 i wnat to try the breakfast cookie!


21 02 2010

Ahhh~ massages are the best!!! Be sure to drink lots of water after.

~Christie (

22 02 2010
Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Ahhh…so jealous about the massage! 😀 What a special treat! 😀

22 02 2010
Christie @ Honoring Health

Your breakfast looks so pretty!

Love Ellie Kreiger, too!

23 02 2010

SOOOO jealous of the massage!!! 🙂 🙂

Great idea using the mug for the bfast cookie! I’ll def try it next time 🙂

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