23 02 2010


let me catch you up on things before I get down to the other stuff!  Chad hasn’t been feeling well, so Sunday after his flag tournament I made him some homemade cornbread and Chicken Noodle Soup

The trio....celery, onion, and carrot gettin' all cooked up before the addition of the other ingredients

I got BIG compliments on this....recipe coming soon

my meal....I made a side of butter for us to use which had cinnamon and a teensy bit of brown sugar in it to make it sweet 🙂 I got sweet comments on it

While we were eating this amazing meal…I gotta give myself props for this one, it was pretty dang good…we watched Boomerang, and I realized during the movie that my thumb had started to bleed b/c I apparently cut some of my nail + skin off?? haha who knows…

this was hilarious....I suggest it...but its not a family film


Yesterday I made the Honey Harvest Quinoa (with a few modifications b/c I didn’t have all the ingredients) for breakfast (courtesy of Ellie Krieger)

My recipe (makes 4 servings….approx 380 cal, 14g fat, 1.5 sat fat, mono fat 6.5, poly fat 5g, 10g protein, 57g carb, 6g fiber, 0mg Cholesterol, 25mg sodium):

2 1/3 c H2O

1 1/3 c Quinoa (I used Inca Red)

2 small red apples (whichever kind you want…I used fuji) cored and cut into chunks

2 tbsp agave nectar

1/2 tsp cinnamon


1 sliced medium banana

1 tbsp Barney Butter (smooth)

1 tsp Smart Balance Butter

Wash quinoa then put in a saucepan with the H2O and bring to a boil, then reduce he heat to a simmer, cover and cook for 5 min.  Add the apple chunks and whatever else (recipe calls for 1/4 c dried cranberries as well but I didn’t have any so I added that second apple) and continue to cook covered until all the H2O is absorbed.

The recipe also calls for 1/2c pecans so if you want to add those then while the apples, cranberries, H2O, quinoa are cooking toast the pecans in a dry skilled over medium-heat, stirring frequently, until fragrant (about 2 min).  Allow to cool then coarsely chop the pecans.

When the quinoa is cooked stir in the 1/2 c milk, 2 tbsp honey and cinnamon and cook until the milk is heated through (about 1 more min).

Spoon the cereal into bowls and top with the toasted pecans and butter, if using.  Serve with additional honey and milk to taste.

I added 1 tbsp barney butter, 1 med banana, and 1 tsp Smart Balance Light Butter

All mixed up....just like the 311 song 🙂

These were surprisingly amazing!!  I have 3 more servings left in my fridge for lunches and breakfasts tomorrow and the next few days!

Then I headed off to the Denton Wastewater Treatment center where we got a tour of how they recycle the water…it was crazy interesting, but the weather was about 35 degrees with ice cold wind coming from every direction it seemed so the tour guide did a thorough job but no one asked questions because we were all frozen.

I headed to my other classes then worked out where I did all upper body, triceps, biceps, shoulders, upper back (and a little lower on accident), chest, lats, then did 10 min of incline sprints…incline at 15 speed at 7 for 15 seconds on and 30 seconds off.  I then went off to my spin class which I sweated out every drop of H2O I’d drank that day because I was S-O-A-K-E-D! Then I walked home and got my stuff together for our intramural bball game….That’s right folks, REAL TALK WON AGAIN!!!! 4-0 Y’ALL!!!

For lunch I had left over Chicken noodle soup and 2 small pieces of cornbread, then for dinner I had a mushroom patty topped with hummus and 1/2 a small avocado with a handful of baby carrots on the side (I was in a hurry to get to the gym for my game).

I totally couldn’t find my camera to capture my dinner but it was delish and easy/fast!  This morning I made Baked Banana Oats with a few of my own modifications:

Preheat oven to 350 Degress F

Combine in a bowl:

1 c oats

2 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/2 c chopped walnuts

1 c Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tsp vanilla

and my modification….

I added 2 egg whites, 1/3 c pumpkin, and 1 package of Chocolate Amazing Grass

Coat a loaf pan, then pour the batter in and put the sliced banana on top.  bake for 30 minutes or until the top is lightly browned.

(Makes 2 servings)

I topped mine with 1 tbsp Barney Butter

On the Side I had a chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla Smoothie (Based from Ellie Krieger Vanilla Cherry Smoothie)

1 pckg Chocolate Amazing Grass

1 c Vanilla Almond Milk

1 c Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

2 c cherries

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp Agave Nectar

Blend it all up and you get 2 servings of greatness!

before going into the oven

before blending....while the oats were cooking

during the blending process

fresh out the oven

The finished Product….

T’was Delicious!  The oats tasted like banana bread!

Now, onto theTRUE meaning of this post….yesterday I was talking with someone about being comfortable in your life.  I think a lot of people (and this is just my opinion, feel free to comment on this) start to fall into a rut b/c they are too comfortable in their lives.  I base my opinion off of my own experience.  I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas then I decided to step  outside of my comfort zone and move to San Luis Obispo, California for college at Cal Poly University.  I played volleyball there and I learned/grew up so much while I was out there because I had to step outside of my comfort zone.  I didn’t like the volleyball program out there much so I transferred to University of North Texas to finish my last 2 seasons of volleyball there.  This was another place where I knew absolutely no one prior to moving here (except for my coach) and lived in a one-bedroom apartment my first year.  I have met so many great people and have been forced to deal with many different struggles and situations over this time and I am so thankful for it all because I have grown more with each and every failure, each and every tear, each and every great thing I accomplished, and all the in between stuff.

So, basically the moral of that little thing was that in order to grow and become to best person I can be I try to step outside of my comfort zone and really put myself out there.

Now, where this comes in…..

Yesterday I was talking with a girl about her health and how she determines herself healthy and what she bases it off of.  She told me that she bases her health on how much she weighs.  It has nothing to do with how she eats, how well she works out, how much sleep she gets, how her spiritual health is, her mental health or anything….its all just WEIGHT!

I was completely taken aback because HEALTH encompasses so much more than weight!  Health is about PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and SPIRITUAL wellness.

How I determine my health for each of these areas:

Physical– I eat well, monitor what I eat, but not in an OCD manner.  I have my cheat days/meals but at the end of the day where I made a “cheat” meal healthier I am happier because I am so proud of myself for practicing that amount of self control.  I also determine my physical health on how well I work out.  I thoroughly enjoy working out because it releases endorphins, and it is a great stress releaser for me (I don’t like being stressed and I don’t handle it well so I try to prevent it from creeping up by working out and practicing time management).  Another great way to determine how healthy you are is by taking a look at your poop….I know, its disgusting but I am asking you to take a step outside your comfort zone and take a look at your poop (in the toilet…don’t take it out or anything gross like that to examine it) but the size, shape, and color of it will tell you how you are doing health wise.

These videos are a great example of how to look for physical signs that you are lacking nutrients….


For Mental I check usually by stress levels and how clear my thinking and speaking is…if that makes sense haha.  I try to stay mentally well by keeping a calendar, staying organized, and managing my time, money, social life etc. I think part of staying mentally well if making sure you don’t get so caught up in doing too much of one thing.  For instance, I like to go out and have a good time with friends but I limit the number of times I go out each week or so, so that I can make sure that I leave enough time to do other things such as homework, sleep, coach, etc.


Ok, so here’s the big controversial issue!  One thing my health teachers emphasize is spiritual health does not mean we all have to be Christians to be completely healthy…spiritual health means taking a step back and recognizing that there is something going on here that it way more powerful than just us humans.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be God, He is who I praise but I do not want to offend anyone, or force anyone to go any way.  However, not everything can in controlled by us, so we must be able to just let things go and let it all run its coarse.  Worrying about everything is NOT healthy.

Ok….so there’s my preaching.


Also, here is my new favorite song….




5 responses

23 02 2010

you’re right, there are so many things that health encompasses. the stressful thing is you have to hit all of those points, but the first thing is to learn to love yourself – not in a selfish way – but KNOW that you DESERVE to have a happy life!

love yoU!

23 02 2010
Christie @ Honoring Health

Swoon. I love 311. They were my favorite band in my early twenties.

I agree, health is about total wellness, not just one number that really doesn’t mean much anyway.

25 02 2010

If that was what i missed for breakfast the other day I’d like to request it sometime soon.

25 02 2010

GREAT post 🙂 Have you ever read the book The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)? I had to read excerps in college, and since then I’ve re-read it twice. It really taught me to be ‘present’ and not worry about things out of our control, as you mentioned. I highly recommend the book! 🙂

Oh and PS, I’m totally craving homemade chic noodle soup now! 😉

25 02 2010

this food is looking phenomenal salah…you’re so creative!

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