6 Months :-)

28 02 2010

Hello everyone!

6 months ago, Chad and I decided to become an official “F-B-O (aka facebook official)” couple :-)….I just want to say Happy ANniversary Chad!  I couldn’t ask for a better best friend or boyfriend, I LOVE YOU!

Ok, enough of the mushy gushy stuff, here are a few photos of some eats yesterday as well as his football games!

team huddle

some pumpkin yogurt with a tbsp AB and some Organic Pumpkin granola for a snack

last slice of my baked banana oats 🙂

Chad’s flag tournament was sooooo fun!  Our good friend Mike came to hang out, the weather was beautiful (i may have gotten a tad pink…but no worries, It looks good today!)

We were planning on going to Frilly Cajun food for dinner after the tournament ended but they were closed so we ended up going to eat at our favorite Italian food restaurant called Luigis….this place is flippin’ awesome!  I got the sausage and pepper homemade pasta plate….I couldn’t finish it all and saved the rest for later!  I also had a couple rolls as well!!! I swear I could eat a whole dozen of those suckers!  By far the best EVER!!!  Chad ordered the sausage and mozarella calzone and a slice of cheese pizza 🙂

The pictures are dark…sorry, still don’t know whats going on with my flash 😦

Chad's calzone

I took a picture of my leftovers so that y’all could get a better look at what my meal looked like!

broken breakfast cookie with raisins, craisins and pumpkin with strawberry jam on top 🙂 it was yummy just fell apart

Chad made me dinner for our 6 months 🙂

the baked chicken

the italian dressing-style sauce....soooo yummy sweet and spicy

Chad fixed my plate for me and made it extra pretty for my picture to put on here for all y'all!

my baked apple for dessert....I made a smaller version for myself...Chad got a bigger version

Chad's plate

His and hers "baked/microwaved apple" 🙂

Chad had 3 flag football games tonight and he did so well!!!!  Now we are about to watch the last disc of the first season of IN Living Color!  I hope everyone has a great night!



5 responses

28 02 2010

Oh my gosh- IN LIVING COLOR!!! That is awesome! haha!

Happy Anniversary!

~Christie (http://rollerkoesterrun.wordpress.com/)

1 03 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

how cute are you guys 🙂 this makes me smile…i’m so glad you found such a great guy! tell chad he can make dinner for us when y’all come out 🙂 (JK, i have a feeling you and I will be cooking machines!)

1 03 2010
Christie @ Honoring Health

Aw, Facebook official must be the new term. What happened to the term going steady? I’m old.

1 03 2010
Simply Life

a breakfast cookie sounds great!

2 03 2010
Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

yay for 6 months!! that is awesomee– great eats 🙂



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