6 03 2010


So, let me tell y’all about the #44….its the BEST in the world.  Why do you ask?  Well, not only was pistol Pete 44, but its the uniform number of Hank Aaron and the atomic number for Ruthenium as well of the title song by Howlin’ Wolf and the age of golfer Scott McCarron.  It’s number of points Kobe Bryant scored the night he passed Jerry West (no. 44) as the Lakers’ all-time scoring leader.  Its also the maximum number of pounds in a curling stone and the number of times a president has been in office (HOLLA HOLLA OBAMA!)  44 is also a “happy number”, a positive integer that gets reduced to 1 when you repeatedly take the sum of the squares of its digits.  Obviously, XLIV is now a happy number for the Saints, born in 1966 (44 years ago) and Who Dat Nation.  Also, Roger Daltrey from The Who, was born in 44’…in case you watched the halftime show). ….Courtesy of ESPN magazine :-)……..

the main reason why 44 is the best is…….

b/c I’ve had it as my number almost all of my life in sports!!!!  jk, but it has become much more than a number to me…almost an identity because like ESPN magazine said, 44 is a “happy number” and I am a very happy person.  Literally…I’m not trying to sugarcoat anything just to make my blog seem happy and blah blah blah (kind of like the KE$ha song…jk) but life is honestly too short to spend it being worried, stressed, sad, etc. all the time.  I honestly believe that I am really starting to put my entire life in God’s hands and knowing I’ll control what I can control but when it comes down to it I already have a path made out for me so going with the flow is the best way to live.

Oh B-T-W…Chad and I have a song…:-)

This past Friday and Saturday the weather was nice enough to finally get some much needed sand volleyball in!!!!!!  Made my weekend MOS DEF!

Here are a few eats before I get on with my preaching….

added these babies to my PB&J oats that I got from my sisters blog

I didn't have any pumpkin laying around like the recipe called for so I added some of this

I don't think any other kind of PB or AB butter will ever compare to Barney Butter....the best I've ever had

The finished PB&J oats + banana

a little lunchie lunch snack thing...don't remember when I ate these exactly

sweet potato + Amy's Chili.....SOOOO GOOD!!!!

still going strong in the orange category!!!!

used my baked banana oats recipe + blueberries + muffin pan=amazingness!

just a little somethin' somethin'

only the large plates were clean at the time....one muffin with SMart Blanace Light and Honey, 1 muffin with barney butter

leftover sweet potato + Amy's Chili

Chaddy-sick pants had pink eye and a respiratory infection so I decided to make him dinner to help him heal….he needs some greens in his life 🙂  Mike got to get in on the action because I owe him dinner for the millions of times he’s made me and Chad, or me and Chelsea or me, chelsea, and Chad meals

I made the boys (aka Mike and Chad) some chipotle pork tenderloin

they had some Julio's

homemade guac.....3 ripe avo, garlic salt, red onion, diced tomato, cilantro, a little lemon squeeze

stirred up some of this

grilled some asparagus....cooking spray + tiny sprinkle of garlic salt + George Foreman....the other half of the batch was grilling when I took this picy poo

Porky all cooked up and sliced

the chipotle sweet potato, red pepper, black bean, corn, onion mix all cooked up


tried to capture Mike serving himself his food but I'm horrible with my camera

The finished product all together now

my cute little honey bear

Isn’t it wonderful when tiny little things like a honey bear jar can just make you smile every morning regardless what’s going on???  I think its a beautiful thing 🙂

B-Fast: 2 baked oatmeal muffins + strawberry, banana, orange, mango smoothie + yogi tea....I couldn't finish the smoothie I was too full 😦

a glance of the smoothie from uptop

my partner Stef and I were supposed to go here to work on our project but it was closed so we went to Jupiter House on the Square instead....so BOMB!!!

I got the Chai Tea Latte with Skim Milk

trying to be artsy with my camera....the lid and my wallet are getting in the way of my raw talent...:-) teehee

much much better

lunch= 6in veggie delight from Subway on Wheat with the Olive dressing....soooo bomb! this had lettuce, tomato, pickle, cucumber, onion, olives, and banana peppers

I've had several of these over the past few days just decided this one picture was better off than repeating it 4 diff times

In here I’ve had a Vegan banana-AB smoothie, the last 2 baked banana muffins, “baked apple”, seared Ahi tuna from Outback, bread-OUtback, baked sweet potato dry-Outback, Mojito-OUtback, strawberry-cherry-mango smoothie, the left overs from the asparagus-mixed veggie-pork tenderloin dinnuh…..

Overall, this has been a great week.  I have started reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and it has truly opened up my eyes to a lot of life that I had no clue I was missing.  I wasn’t living it out exactly the way I should….I know we all make mistakes and that just comes with human nature but LOVING and truly LOVING HIm needs to run my life more….I have Faith yes, but I don’t live it out all day everyday and I’m just not wanting to settle down and be a “lukewarm” Christian….that’s not who I am.  I am one to work as hard as I can for anything that means something….and to me its crazy that the most important aspect of my life I’ve just lived it out halfway.  He has given up so much for me and you and it is my duty to make sure everyone knows this!  If I die tomorrow I want people to say, “Salah was great, not because she was rich etc. but because she lived everyday to please God, to do as He asked of her.” To me, this would be the greatest compliment I could ever receive.

Do you ever feel as though your glass of life is half-full/half-empty?  What did you do about it?  How do you cope with it?  What do you change?




3 responses

6 03 2010

can i have that guac right now? or you can make it for me in a week or so 🙂

i’ve totally felt that way before, and honestly the best thing to do is pray and take joy in the things you have: health, love, family, friends, God…and just be thankful for that! i love you 🙂

6 03 2010

That sweet potato chipotle black bean concoction looks insanely delicious!
And I am always glass-half-empty. It’s just my brain.

7 03 2010
Simply Life

I’m with you and love barney butter!

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