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12 03 2010

Good Evening!

This week has flown by but it also seemed like it was taking forever for Spring Break to finally get here!  What are you doing for Spring Break? This year, Chad and I will be making a pit stop in Lubbock on our way to CO for the week to spend with Heather and Nate (sister and BIL, in case you didn’t know that).  While I am there I will be getting my fitness modeling portfolio pictures done….EEEKKK!!!  I’m so nervous, excited, and scared all at the same time!  I also get to go skiing for the first time in my life, hopefully I don’t break anything, and I also just get to see my family which is the BEST part about the whole vacation!

I don’t remember which day i left off on in my last post (maybe Tuesday??) but here are some pics of my eats from this week!

While I was studying some extra for my Environmental Health test that I had on Wednesday, I roasted some veggies, baked a couple sweet potatoes, and made some “baked apple” oats 🙂

Also…it was doing some of this all morning long while I was trying to study….

It even hailed at one point…all this stormy weather made me sleepy so I sipped on this iced coffee while I prepared my meals for the next couple days…

1 eggplant and 2 zuchinni sliced, and drizzled in EVOO and some garlic salt and ready for roasting on 350 for approx 30 min!


1 medium braeburn apple chopped up and a sprinkle of raisins microwaved on HIGH for 3 min

I added some microwaved oats + chia seeds, Barney Butter, Stawberry jam, cinnamon and honey

By far one of the best breakfast concoctions I’ve had yet!  Kept me full for like 6 hours!  NO JOKE!

All mixed up~

1 orange sweet potato (aka yam) prepared

getting everything ready for the next 2 days or so….

1 white sweet potato (I think these are the "real" sweet potatoes and the orange ones are called yams...??? please correct me if I am wrong!)

All together now!

my lunch for wednesday....added some pepper to the sweet potato and sliced up a pear

then had this sitting off to the side for dinner....but when it came time to eat it, it was the last thing I wanted

I ate my lunch at the rec center and I didn’t really do too much while I was there…I ran a mile, sprinted 200’s x 4, I think I may have done the stir climber for about 10 min (i don’t remember) but mostly I just ran around socializing with everyone on the bball courts…and when I finally got serious I worked on my shot for our first Playoff game later on that night at 10:30 (we lost 😦 but I am proud to say I wouldn’t have wanted to play for any other team….Real Talk, y’all will always be in my heart haha).

I then headed back home, worked on a journal article for my Corporate Health Class then finally decided that I wanted to eat dinner from Greece and Japan so I ended up getting a Falafel Pita from Pita pit, and some seaweed salad from a small sushi place here in Denton….

exactly what I needed....whole wheat pita + falafel + romaine lettuce + tazhiki (spelling?) sauce + cucumber + red onion + black olive + hummus= PERFECTO!!!

This was the end of Wednesday for me….

Thursday morning I woke up and had some pumpkin yogurt parfait…

"baked apple" pumpkin Greek Yogurt + pumpkin granola


my "lunch" Almond Trail Mix Honest Bar + 1 medium banana

I ate these in 2 segments…banana pre workout and honest bar between workouts 🙂

I started to lift a little but I ended up not feeling it at all so I played HORSE with my buddy Justin for like 1.5 hr or so and it got intense….I was making half court shots, made a granny-shot from nearly half court, I made a “NOTHING BUT NET” shot from behind the backboard…I won the first game of HORSE, then he won the game of SAND and the tie breaker CARDIO (we are such fitness nerds).  At one point he had me pretend to “talk mess” to a person from across the court (obviously not loud) and then you had to go into a lay-up from that, as well as dribbling in and out of the boxes into a lay-up while singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”….needless to say we had a good time 🙂 I love meeting new people and making new friends!

I then realized I had missed my Spin class, and needed to at least to go to the Cardio Body Sculpt class taught by my girl Janna (who killed me btw…Janna, my booty is still so sore!!) and this was seriously tough!  I had no idea that my muscle endurance was so awful!  I can run and do cardio all day long, but when it comes to lifting and muscle endurance I got nothing…at least i know what I need to work on!

I then headed up and made up some eggs, warmed up some of my roasted veggies and ate a whole LARGE grapefruit (only half is pictured b/c I only decided to eat the other half after washing my dishes)

oh yeah…I forgot to mention the .5 avocado I put on top my eggies

This morning was a Pumpkin yogurt-Blueberry-banana- granola parfait

started off with a layer of frozen blueberries and banana

then added some pumpkin yogurt and chia seeds

threw on a layer of granola

then did the same thing…blueberries then banana then yogurt then chia then granola and finished with 4 more slices of banana and………………

SOME MELTED BARNEY BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then got caught up on the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion, and America’s Best Dance Crew (if I could be anything other than an athlete I would either be a musician or a dancer…no doubt)

I headed to the rec center where I did 20 min of my incline sprints….for the first 5 min I had the incline at 7.5 with speed of 9.2, the second five min I bumped the incline up to 8 but left the MPH at 9.2, the next five min I bumped the speed up to 9.5 mph and the incline up to 8.5 and the final five minutes was incline of 9 and speed of 9.7mph 🙂  i was TIRED but it felt sooooo good! I didn’t lift afterwards because I originally planned on playing some sand vb but the wind was too windy today so I had to take that out of my schedule and go back to the gym to finish the workout I had started……

I stopped by Cupboard Natural Foods and got the Tropical Energy Smoothie (bananas, organic apple juice, blueberries, organic pineapple coconut juice, protein powder, bee pollen and ginseng)….AMAZINGNESS is the other name for this baby

I then did an ab circuit (10 dead bugs (ea. leg), suitcases with the weighted ab ball 10 (5 ea.), Russian Twists with the 14 lb ball (15 ea. side), obliques on the ab ball (15 ea. side), and overhead sit-ups on the ab ball (15) x 3) This made me S-W-E-A-T!!!  WHEW!

Afterwards, I hopped onto the stair climber and for 10 min I climbed on level 12 then decided to hop off an do weight side bends with the 45lb. 10 ea. side (was def in the mood to do ALL abs today!).  I met chelsea at the gym and we did all the back machines, some rows etc. triceps (no biceps…janna killed those yesterday in cardio body sculpt) shoulders, and more lats 🙂  I love a good workout.

On our way home we decided to declare it “Roomie date night” so we headed to this BBQ place in Lewisvilled (sorry, I forgot what it was called) and I got the chicken with green beans, LOTS of rolls (even though 1 is pictured) and some beans…I ate a lot but I hadn’t really eaten much today so oh well!

MAN….I serioulsy LOVE me some pickles! MOS DEF!

and to wash this all down I drank a Diet Coke

mmmm mmmm mmmm so very satisfying!  On our way home from our lovely dinner out we stopped by Redbox and got the Michael Jackson documentary “This Is It”…we couldn’t help but dance and sing with every song…at one point I had chelsea laughing so hard at me and my attempt at ticking…apparently I looked like I had some sort of impairment??? oh well!

We really had a good time, and there is nothing more fun to me than just being with your girls and acting goofy!!

How do you like to spend your girls/boys nights?-sometimes I like to go dancing but most of the time just having a good ol’ comfort meal and movie (maybe a glass of wine ) is what I LOVE!

Have a great night and a safe SB!!!





5 responses

13 03 2010

movies movies movies! oh, and maybe a drink 🙂 there’s a pita pit in boulder…i keep wanting to try it but i get SKURRED! can’t wait to see you guys on Tuesday!!!

13 03 2010
Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

HAVE FUN! i know your pics will turn out great. i recently tried that honest bar, yum!

13 03 2010
Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

I LOVE DIET COKE & PICKLES!!! lol- addicted to both 😀 & i am going to LA & Arizona- your break sounds fun! all the eats look fab.


14 03 2010
christie, honoring health

Have fun!! can’t wait to see what you guys get into!

16 03 2010

I’m a total donkey. I’ve seen your comments around, have commented on here before, knew heathers sisters name was Salah but never know you are you! Get it? Crazy. Anyway, have an awesome trip to Colorado. So jealous. It’s beautiful there. And don’t worry, you won’t break anything. THe scariest part is the ski lift. Do what I do and tell them to slow it down!

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