Detox Days 3, 4, 5

26 03 2010

Hey everyone!

It’s a little past midnight here in good ol’ denton, but I wanted to make sure that I updated you on how the detoxing is going since I wont get another chance to update for another day or two!

So far everything is great!  I’m still loving juicing (may possibly be a new favorite hobby of  mine 🙂 ), making smoothies is always a blast (especially with mango involved), and of course munching on some shepherds pie!

Day 3

7:15am- Hot H20 with lemon, Yogi Tea

7:30am- meditate

8:00am- 1/3 cup Quinoa Flakes + 1 tbsp Barney Butter + 1 medium organic banana, and a plate with 4 organic strawberries cut up with some frozen organic raspberries in the middle

10:30am- Veggie Juice 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1 cucumber, 1 braeburn apple (all organic)

1pm- 1 can organic tuna with lemon slice, 1 fruit smoothie with 1 mango, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, and spirulina

2pm- 20 min circuit (based off of the 30 Day Shred workout) and then about 20 min on the stair climber at level 10

5:30pm-Shepherds pie

Day 4

7:15am- hot H20 with Lemon, yogi tea and green smoothie….1 mango, 4 strawberries, huge handful of spinach, pineapple, spirulina (1 tsp)

10:30- failed attempt at a new Veggie Juice….didn’t end up drinking more than half of it….

same base-1 cucumber, 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, but instead of an apple I used a lemon….BAD IDEA ugh it tasted awful

1pm- another not so great attempt at making a really awesome detox recipe on my own….

same spinach and tuna salad (handful of spinach, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1 can organic tuna, lemon juice)…then I added quinoa flakes (1/3 cup + chia seeds)….this did not tasted very good to me and I only ate about half of it 😦 but thankfull I did have 2 carrot sticks with me that I ate happily

4:15- Spin class

5:30pm- Spoonful of Barney Butter + organic hazelnuts

This is where I did something bad….I went out and ate with Chad at Luigis….but really I’m just “detoxing” to stray away from craving the bad foods all the time (like I usually do after a lot of cheat meals)….I think of it more as just eating really well for 90% of the week and allowing a cheat meal or 2 ….just nothing super crazy

7:30- tortellini with 2 bread rolls (all unpictured)

Day 5

I haven’t been getting much sleep this week due to a lot of stuff going on in my life so I finally got to sleep in!  THANK GOODNESS!!

10:15am- hot H2O with lemon, Hot Yogi Tea

waiting for the water to heat up

10:30am- green smoothie (same as Day 3) and a spoonful of Barney butter

12:30pm- still super full from breakfast so nothing to eat here…I just went to the gym to workout

20 min circuit training (similar to 30 Day Shred) then some extra lifts to single out some problem areas, and 20 min of incline sprints (incline of 9 at 9.5 mph- 15 seconds on and 30 off)

4:00pm- after talking to everyone at the rec I made it home to feed my famished tummy….I had another spoonful of Barney Butter (i honestly cannot get enough of this stuff for real y’all its the shiz), 1 can of organic tuna and a new Veggie/fruit juice creation (this time it was a SUCCESS!!) 1 cucumber, 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1 braeburn apple, 1 kiwi

7:30pm- veggie burger with sweet potatoes (unpictured)

How I feel:  I’m actually feeling like I have TONS more energy considering the hard week i’ve had with sleep deprivation and whatnot) and I am going harder in all my workouts too!  I honestly feel great, even with my few “cheats” but I’m not detoxing to lose weight or anything just to get back in control on my cravings.  I mean I know it kind of defeats the purpose of detoxing if I have a cheat meal but at the end of the day I’m happy and thats really all that matters….and if I want to keep calling it a detox I will! hahaha

Anyway, its off to bed for me! I have a long day tomorrow….spin class at 10:30, Yoga at 12:30, Chad’s flag football tourney, then meeting up with some of his best friends from TCU for some good times!  I’ll make sure to take as many pictures as I can despite of my flash being burnt out on my camera!





4 responses

27 03 2010

i don’t think it’s BAD that you ate at luigi’s – you shouldn’t base your view of your behavior on your eating habits…just a little sisterly advice because i’ve been there! it’s cool that you like juicing so much though…i just wish i had the desire to drink juice like that, but i just prefer water 🙂 i love you!

28 03 2010

Looks like a fantastic detox! It doesn’t seem like a detox at all…just eating extremely clean. When I eat very clean (and avoid fake sugars, etc.) I have tons of energy too! You’ve inspired me to nix my bad ways 🙂

Have a great day! xoxox

28 03 2010

thats what I love about the detox that I’m doing…I still get to eat A LOT but its all so clean that I really am flushing out the toxins in my body through the clean foods, and the exercise paired with all the filtered H2O that I’m drinking 🙂

30 03 2010
Jocelyn @ Peace.Love.Nutrition

Love this detox! They are so much better when you are actually eating. Isn’t juicing the best?! I’m addicted to it also! What a great things for us to be addicted to : )



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