Broken Camera :-/

4 04 2010

hey everyone!!

So, I have come across a barrier right now for the blog….I DROPPED MY CAMERA AND IT BROKE!!!!!  AGHHHH…being the poor college student that I am there is no way I’m going to be able to afford a new camera anytime soon :-(…..I hope you don’t mind images taken from google…I will do my best to make my posts interesting even without pictures!!


So, there has been a lot going on lately, Friday I went into Dallas and got my Easter dress (when I had my roommate take a picy poo of me on her camera so I could at least show y’all that!) and as I was on my way to bebe to get this super bright colored maxi dress that I dreamt of getting I stopped into BCBGeneration and ended up trying on a black maxi dress, this cute purple day dress, and this tan-ish dress with a belt and a drooped back……and this winner…..

The dress isn’t this short on me….or else I wouldn’t have worn it to church but I LOVE IT!!!!

The sales people at BCBGeneration were serioulsy the BEST the made me feel so amazing about the way I looked in everything that I tried on and it was AWESOME!  It was also so fun just looking like a girl and dressing up in something, not being in workout clothes with no makeup on and my hair tied back (like I usually am).  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy not getting super dressed up everyday but at the same time its always nice to treat myself to something really neat like a nice dress!

The good news?  It was the same price as the maxi dress from bebe that I was looking at earlier!

Ps.  I got like 50 compliments today at church and at Olive Garden during lunch with Chad and his mom about how pretty my dress was :::::—-))))))  I don’t know how much bigger my smile can get!

As for the food, I’ve pretty much just stuck to the same thing I’ve been eating….green monsters (my version…and the recipe will be up soon), veggie juice (beet, apple, and carrot or just beet and apple), and salmon, quinoa flakes and some lentil soup.

Workouts?  Thursday was just 15 min of incline sprints, at incline of 10 and mph of 10 and 15 sec on and 30 sec off, then 5 min of abs and a longgggg lay out sesh at the pool with Noel and Chelsea!

Friday, I did no workout whatsoever, instead I went to the College Club Volleyball Nationals at the Dallas Convention Center to watch UNT mens play and my buddy Josh who plays at UT!….Watching this inspired me to see if I can play with the mens team here at UNT, the competition level is so high and thats something I would love to play against.  The only drawback? I can’t be a hitter so I would have to learn a new postition, but I have been trained to set, and I can pass well so maybe I’ll try out as a DS or setter??? haha we’ll see, but a girl can dream can’t she?

Saturday I woke up at 5am and headed into Arlington to coach my 16s club team in a day tourney….we didn’t win 😦 but they did sooooo well, and I couldn’t be more proud of them for working as hard as they did!  GREAT JOB GIRLS! Then when I got back I did level 1 and 3 of the 30 Day Shred, and my 30 min pilates DVD by Gaiam. I showered and Chad and I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Duke game…GO DUKE!  So glad they won!  After that we headed back to my apartment and watched Top Gun, then passed out.

Today, I went to church with Chad and his mom at a church in Plano and it was so fun getting to meet some of his family and spend time getting to know his mom a little more!  The three of us went to Olive Garden after church and I ordered the Asparagus and shrimp risotto, so amazing but def very rich and I also had my fair share of salad and breadsticks.  When we got back from lunch I let my food settle before going to work out….today I tried my first REAL plyo workout just to see how my leg would feel…..

in case you do not know anything about compartment syndrome…..

What is compartment syndrome?

Exercise-induced compartment syndrome, also called exertional compartment syndrome and chronic compartment syndrome, is a condition that causes pain over the front of the shin bone. Patients typically experience the pain after a period of activity or exercise, and it is quickly relieved by rest. The pain from exercise-induced compartment syndrome can be quite severe, and it often limits a patient’s activity level.

What Causes Exercise-Induced Compartment Syndrome?

Exercise-induced compartment syndrome is due to a pressure build-up within the muscles of the leg. Muscles are enclosed within a tight tissue called a fascia. This fascia wraps around and contains the muscle. Normally, the fascia has enough extra room within to allow the muscle to function without problem.

When activity levels are increased, blood flow to a muscle increases, and the size of the muscle increases. In most people, the fascia allows sufficient room to accommodate this increase in muscle size during exercise. However, in patients with exercise-induced compartment syndrome, the fascia is too tight, and it constricts the muscle during activity.

Why Does Muscle Constriction Cause Pain in Exercise-Induced Compartment Syndrome?

As the muscle expands and becomes constricted by the fascia, the blood flow to the muscle is interrupted. The lack of blood flow causes ischemia — the same phenomenon as a heart-attack. When blood flow to a muscle is interrupted, pain can occur. When this occurs in the heart muscle, chest pain is the result; when it occurs in the leg, leg pain is the result.

Before you begin to worry, ischemia of the heart and exercise-induced compartment syndrome are very different! The cause of these problems is different, but the end result causes a similar problem. Furthermore, relief of exercise induced compartment syndrome is usually very easy — simply stop exertion of the muscle.

What Are the Symptoms of Exercise-Induced Compartment Syndrome?

The most common symptom is pain during with activity that is quickly relieved with rest. Patients may notice a tingling or numbness in the leg or foot due to lack of blood flow to the nerves. Often when the symptoms are present, the area over the muscles of the front of the leg feels very tight.

Diagnosis is made by measuring the pressure within the muscles of the leg. Usually a pressure measurement is made at rest, and then the patient does some activity (such as a quick run) until the pain is present. A repeat measurement is then made and the pressure change is compared. Normally, the pressure difference from rest and activity is small. Patients with exercise-induced compartment syndrome will have a dramatic increase in pressure readings when the symptoms are present after exercise.

What Is the Treatment?

A period of rest may be attempted, as well as avoiding any activities that causes the symptoms. However, if the diagnosis of exercise-induced compartment syndrome is clear, and the symptoms persist, then surgery may be needed. The surgery involves the release of the tight fascia, called a fasciotomy. An incision is made over the affected area, and then the surgeon cuts the tight tissue that surrounds the muscle. The major risk of this surgery is cutting a small nerve that provides sensation to the top of the foot. Usually the surgeon can identify the nerve and avoid it, but it is still possible to damage the nerve. Patients who sustain an injury to this nerve will have an area of permanent numbness over the top of the foot.

So I hope that helps those of you who don’t know what it is understand my injury.  The pressure in my leg isn’t enough for surgery, but I have been pretty good at controlling it when my leg starts to bother.

So on to my workout today…i completed a pretty difficult cardio/plyo circuit that consisted of lots of box jumps, sprints, and stairs….it was amazing and it felt so good to be able to do all of it without any pain or numbness!!!

Can I get a HOLLA HOLLAA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

ANyway, now I am at the library trying to complete this powerpoint for my Corporate Health presentation that I have on Wednesday as well as getting this paper written for my Environmental Health Class….if its good enough I’ll post it on here for y’all to read…its going to be very very interesting and full of TONS of facts!

Have you ever gotten super excited about a school assignment?  If so, what was the assignment? This paper that I am about to start writing is based off of the FoodInc. documentary

Really, you should watch this…it will really open your eyes to whats going on behind the scenes of the food industry!!!  I’ll give you more info on this paper later but I can’t wait to get started!  SO HERE I GO!…..

oh btw….here is the Real Talk Team pic 🙂




5 responses

4 04 2010

you’re so cute 🙂 maybe i’ll save up some money to help you get a nice camera…but only if you promise not to drop and kill it! you kind of have bad luck with small electronics 🙂 i love you!

4 04 2010
Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

aw sorry about your camera 😦 booo. we all stil love you!! and cuute dress!


5 04 2010

ahh sorry about your camera! 😦

That’s a really cute dress!

5 04 2010

Hey girl!! ahh sorry about the camera 😦 that is one adorable dress! i hope you had an amazing easter!

5 04 2010

I am sorry about your camera girl! I am glad that you had a really good easter and had lots of compliments though 🙂 your dress is really pretty!

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