Its been a while

9 04 2010

Hey everyone!

Sorry it has taken forever to post again!  So, on top of breaking my camera my internet at home is acting really funny so its hindering my schoolwork and blog postings 😦  I have been forced to prioritize my internet activities (obviously school comes first) and so that is what I have been up to.

I’ve been working so hard on this paper about the food industry (based off of FoodInc….if you haven’t seen the documentary I HIGHLY suggest you watch it NOW!!) hopefully i will be able to get it published!

Also, I’ve started training again, plyometrics and weight circuits that include cleans and stuff to get my vertical back up because I found a girl to play in beach volleyball tournaments with!!  YAY!!!  I’m seriously so excited y’all for real….I’m so happy my leg is handling everything and I have only had the slightest pain, but thats better than numbness!!! HOLLA HOLLA!

Wait, there’s more!  On top of my leg handling the plyo training, I’m considering joining the Mens Club Volleyball team here at UNT…haha how fun, being a girl and beating up all the boys???  Y’all aren’t as Bad-A$$ as you thought! hahaha jk, its a fun Idea to play around with.  In order for me to play they will have to change their constitution but I think we can get it figured out!

Lastly on the updates, I will be instructing spin classes towards the end of this semester!!!! That’s right y’all….prob the most exciting news I’ve had all week….For real, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for sooooo long!  i will be starting out substituting for people just to get a feel for teaching the classes, but I will be teaching all summer long!!  Any suggestions on music you would want to hear while taking a cycle class????  I would LOVE to hear your suggestions!

i want my class to be working hard like this!

Thats about it for the exciting news updates, but here are a few goofy pics from the past because i don’t have my camera so you don’t get to see all my typical eats (lots of green monsters, sweet potato patties, black bean and aduki bean soup + salsa+ avocado…mmm mmm mmm)

Oh hahaha…jk on that note…I just bought my plane ticket to go to SLO for Spring Quarter graduation!!!!  FOR A WHOLE ENTIRE WEEEEKKKK!!!!!!

caitlin and i

anna, me, ashleigh, and jaxx

just one of my favorite pictures from last years visit! Cait, Ash, and me

me, Devin, and Cait

katherine and I!!!

cait me Ali and Katherine!!

sean me and Xavier 🙂

my girls 🙂

I’ll post up more pictures of my friends from Cal Poly SLO very very soon!!! I will be camped out at the library very soon!

Tonight, I’ll be going to the Randy ROgers concert with my buddies from intramurals and I can’t wait!  I really enjoy hanging out with these guys and girls :-)!!  Tomorrow I have spin from 10:30-11:30, then yoga II from 11:30-12:30, then I’m going to buy a plot at 1 with some classmates of mine and we are going to grow some veggies 🙂 and then maybe shop for a maxi dress and work on my paper!!!




6 responses

9 04 2010

Sounds like fun teaching Spin. Oh, that would be cool if you made then Men’s team. I say ”go for it”.

9 04 2010

that’s so funny about joining the men’s team – but you could totally kill it! keep me updated on that 🙂 oh, and for spin stuff, you should talk to Tyler at He’s hilarious and has a great music selection for his spin classes!

9 04 2010

Hey girl!! Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so happy you found my blog so that it lead me to yours! 🙂 Umm can you please be my personal trainer and whip me into shape?? Haha thats awesome you play volleyball! I dream of being able to play that sport, but unfortunately I suck at it! I always go to volleyball games at my school so I can live vicariously through the players! Haha

Ps. I totally have that same purple skirt, it’s my fave!! Can’t wait to read more of your blog 🙂

10 04 2010

I love all of your pictures!! It looks like you had a lot of fun in all of them!! And I LOVE randy rogers girl!! I so wish I could go to the concert too 🙂 hehe

10 04 2010

Wow, you have a lot of exciting stuff going on! That’d be kinda cool if you joined the men’s team 😀 Showing them how to do it

11 04 2010

oh my gah you are so beautiful!!!
what a fun time you are having .. the concert sounds like a BLAST!
you look so happy and SO glowing-and i LOVE YOUR OUTFITS 🙂

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