A little help from my friends

12 04 2010

Good Morning everyone!

Happy Monday!  How’s everyone’s day?  Mine has started off great, I am getting ready to start baking up some chickpeas for lunch a little later on today as well as reviewing my paper, and finding different songs to potentially put on a playlist for spin class!

I need a little help from y’all….I’m going to post up a few songs and I need you to let me know if you think you’d want to hear this song in one of your classes (If its a slower song or something I’ll make sure to clarify if it’ll be for a cool down, hill climb etc.)

This one would be for a BIG hill climb

This B.O.B. song would prob be for tricep pushups and up-downs

I actually would like this song to be for sprints…I LOVE this song haha a new fav

I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with this song but I know it will definitely be on the playlist for something

*everytime I hear that song I always picture myself visiting my buddy Mario in Spain (he plays soccer there…GO MARIO!) and salsa dancing on the beach (if only i actually knew how to slasa lol)

This song would be for some form of sprint or something…I absolutely love cartel

and last but not least (there are alot more songs but i know ya’ll probably don’t have time to listen to all of them!)

I like really high energy songs when I’m doing a workout so I’m trying to implement as many of those as possible, as well as adding those few slower, made for hill climbing songs as well 🙂

Here are a few more pics from my visit/my time of just going to school out at Cal Poly SLO!

Cait and I just being goofs

Fam....me, Jeff, and Cait

My girls...I think we were doing a "spice girls in america" themed pic?? haha who knows

a little bit of morro bay for y'all

probably the best picture i've ever taken? haha i love this one

D and I

Gabby-being the supermodel that she is, and me-attempting at being supermodel-ish lol

bahahaha, anna and i....standard.

allison and I....just being silly...i think i was giving the supermodel pose another try here

Ali and I.....Gah i cannot wait to see her!

Anna, Sean, and I 🙂

I'll end it with this one....a favorite of my buddy Coby and I!!

What are some songs you like to workout to?

Have you ever taken a spin class?  Did you like it?

Have a great day y’all!




9 responses

12 04 2010

I absolutely LOVE spinning and I try to do it every other day of the week! Have you heard the song “in my head” by jason derulo? I just heard it a couple of days ago and loved it! It’s a total pump-upish song and great for spinning!!

12 04 2010
Heather (Heather's Dish)

i love working out to lady gaga and cascada. anything that keeps me moving!

p.s. you’re beautiful 🙂

12 04 2010

Awesome post!!! LOVE the vid’s! 🙂

I loooooove Spinning! It’s the only comparable cardio workout (to running) I’ve found…I’m completely obsessed.

I’d say my 3 fav wkout songs are “Teeth” by Gaga, “Paper Planes” by M.I.A, and “If” (oldie I know, haha) by Janet Jackson

Have a great week!!!! xoxoxox

12 04 2010

I love all the song choices! I’m a big fan of Cartel 😀

I’ve never taken a spin class but everyone seems to love them!

12 04 2010

Great songs you picked, I want to try a Spin class but I’m scared I won’t be able to handle it. I need to give in and ”Just Do it”

12 04 2010

Love all the pictures. You are one sexy lady. I love spin class and always love hearing new things, so I say incorporate any of them you love. I personally love the Latin flavor too. 😀

12 04 2010

Cute pics girl!! Looks like you had a blast at SLO! Love your playlist. Sounds like it’ll be a great class!!

13 04 2010

Nice blog! Great pics! I have tried spin before – a long time ago hah – it’s a killer workout – of course I’d slack off ;)…but the instructor “yelling” was getting on my nerves after a while…and being stuck in that sweaty, loud room was just too overwhelming…
I like a mixture of songs – lately I’ve been stuck on Adam Lamberts “What do ya want from me”, and One Republic…although they’re not upbeat are they?? but I’m been just walking 😉

14 04 2010

aww love your pics! YOU ARE SO CUTE! i LOVE spin class-such a great workout! only when the teacher plays good music tho. one time a teacher played country.. i mean, i like country,but not to work out to!

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