14 04 2010


Happy Hump Day everyone!  Today is my super loooooong day (11am-9:20pm on campus….ALL DAY).  This post is going to be short, but definitely sweet!  I have to get back to studying for my test that I have at 11.

I go through periods where I am soooooo obsessed with finding new music, and trying to find new cool songs for spin class has definitely triggered that obsession.  I wanted to share with y’all my new favorite song!

Airplanes-B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore (btw…Paramore is an ALL-TIME favorite of mine!!)

Here are a few pics from SB in Colorado that I never posted up!

+ 1 random volleyball picture haha

Do you ever commit yourself to too many activities that you just feel so overwhelmed? Thats how I feel right now, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I finally feel like I’m getting to experience life.  The past 4 years its been nothing but volleyball and school.  These past 2 especially, I haven’t had much of a social life whatsoever, and its so amazing to be meeting so many new people and doing so many different things that I’ve always wanted to try!

Have a great day!



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14 04 2010

Today’s my long day on campus too…I feel ya. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but then again I really don’t like it when there’s nothing going on!

14 04 2010

i know exactly what you mean, we overcommit ourselves all.the.time. but you’re right, we have a SHORT life and it’s great to experience it all! i’m just glad you’re “free” from volleyball and only do it when you want because you love it! 🙂

14 04 2010

I always have so much on my plate. I want to be the best at everything! I have to realize that it’s best to really focus on just a few things. The things I am most passionate about. It’s a work in progress. 😉

14 04 2010

I like it- just downloaded the song to use as a climb in my spin class tomorrow! Thanks chica!

~Christie http://rollerkoesterrun.wordpress.com/

14 04 2010

Love that song!!! Cute pics 🙂

15 04 2010
Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

a) LOVE the music!!!

b) cute pictures- that looks like so much fun

c) YESSSS omg i have the same exact issue & it can get so stressful


15 04 2010
X-bike & good news « Roller Koester Runs

[…] thanks to Salah for recommending ‘Airplanes’.  It was a great song to start a tough climb!  Yes, to […]

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