19 04 2010

Hey everyone!

So, this week is super busy for me….3 tests, 2 papers, lots of training, coaching, and studying allllllllllll week!

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m super excited about Thursday…I get to see my buddy Jimmy from CP play baseball, and it will be so great to see an old friend!

My partner Katie and I will be training Wednesday, Thursday (before the game…then we’ll head to the field), Friday, and Saturday after my 16’s pool play…in our last tournament of this club season 😦

I do have good news….. MY 16’s WON THE SILVER BRACKET CHAMPIONSHIP! Β They played so well, and I am so proud of them!!

yes yes y’all thats one bad-A trophy!!

I had a really long day with a crazy hard circuit training workout, sprints, and spin class.

When I got home from getting groceries my roommate had a little surprise visitor for me…..


isn’t he the cutest? Β My roommates brother’s dog just had puppies and this cutie pie is being given to our friend Mike, and we get to play around with the puppy till Mike gets off work….SO FUN!!!

Time to get to work, and shower but I hope everyone has a great night!

What is your favorite kind of animal? Dogs are my favorite but I used to have a pet guinea Pig named Bonecrusher…he was the bomb!

R.I.P. Bonecrusher

The best guinea pig a girl could ask for

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14 responses

19 04 2010

I need that puppy NOW! think nate would be OK with that?
i think so… πŸ™‚

21 04 2010

hahaha i totally cried when I first saw him (Bo) b/c he is so freakin’ cute!

21 04 2010

well not a full cry, but I had a few tears start to form in my eyes

20 04 2010

that puppy is SOOO adorable!!

21 04 2010
Katherine: What About Summer?

I love pictures of animals! I wish I loved animals themselves but I dont… except this kind…

πŸ™‚ Katherine

21 04 2010

Oh my goodness! Congratulations on your team winning! And the puppy is absolutely ADORABLE! I want one so so badly-but my apartment has a really strict no pets policiy sadly 😦 I can’t wait til I someday have a house and can own one! Pets bring so much joy and happiness into life!

22 04 2010

OMG cute doggie!!!!! What a stud!

22 04 2010

Congrats on your win!

The pup is adorable πŸ˜€

22 04 2010

HEY GIRL!! congrats! and yall are adorablE!
ugh, i cant find where to subscribe to yo bloggie! iwant to!

22 04 2010
FitFoodie Natalie

Cutest puppy ever!!! I just got a dog a month ago..she is the best! But now I want a puppy too. I wish puppies could stay in their uber-adorable state forever πŸ™‚

22 04 2010

awwe he is so cute!!! I want a puppy! I’m just not home enough to train one 😦

23 04 2010
Teri [a foodie stays fit]

congrats on the win!! And that doggy is so so cute.

23 04 2010

I love puppies and I like dogs, but I think that ultimately I’m a cat person; I grew up with them so I’m just used to it. They’re cuddly for their entire lives! In terms of non-domesticated animals I love all birds, especially tropical ones, and elephants! Congrats on the win!

24 04 2010

I love puppies. I can’t wait until my bulldog is old enough to breed. We plan to keep one of her girls. Here’s a funny story. My husband teaches the youth class at church and one girl decided to bring her 8 week old Pomeranian puppy. I held it a bit and then gave it back. But my husband thought it would be too distracting for the girl to hold it so he gave it back to me to hold during class. So the lil boy was sitting there all sweet, and then I felt something running down my leg. He peed all over my leg! Ahh, gotta love puppies, they can’t help their mistakes. πŸ˜€

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