Eric Schlosser

28 04 2010

Does that name ring a bell for anyone??  Maybe a picture will help….

ring any bells?  If not he is also the author of the books Fast Food Nation, Chew On This, and Reefer Madness.

He has also made appearances in the documentary films, FoodInc. and Super Size me.

His writings have been left him being compared to Upton Sinclair.

I had the privilege of seeing him speak here on the UNT campus this past Wednesday night.  I took notes, lots of notes and left the lecture hall with more new information that solidfies my stance on why so many people should try to eat as organic as possible.

He started off by suggesting that everyone read the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.  Then he went into talking about how today’s crisis is our food system-how we produce our food, distribute our food, and consume our foods.  In the last 40 years the food we eat has changed more than in the previous 40,000 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food is the most important industry in the US, and our civilization is based on the agriculture surpluses!  Our food system is also dependent on our ignorance, and is completely anti-democratic.

He then went into media (most shocking part of all the information) and how different companies market their products.  He stated that billions of dollars are spent on fast food ads, and how the mass media puts so much pressure on the skinny body types while advertising fatty foods that make people obese.  To me its hard to watch a commercial with Kim Kardashian in it promoting Carl’s Jr. (even though she does eat a salad in the commercial) because if you eat carl’s Jr. most of the time the food they serve won’t promote a healthy life.  I understand she is eating a salad but honestly its hard to not want the bad foods when you get around them…at least for me which is why I just try to stay away.

Oh well, if that doesn’t frustrate you I’m sure this next fact will…especially you mothers or just women in general.

There is a new thing now called neuromarketing….anyone know what this is????  This is the worst thing I’ve heard of…..the corporations choose kids (of course with parent consent, or at least I hope so…but still bad) to put in an MRI machine, play the different ads for the kids to listen to/watch or whatever, and then if the kid enjoys the ad a green light will appear so the big corporation ppl will know to use that specific ad just so the kids will make sure to come flocking to the nearest McDonalds or whoever the ads are for. I mean honestly….HOW SICK IS THAT? Do we really need to stoop that low?  I think its absolutely ridiculous, and so did the pregnant lady sitting next to me during the lecture….she definitely hugged her belly and told her little fetus that she would never allow anything like that to happen to him/her (didn’t ask her the sex of the baby).

Now I’m just going to put out a few tiny facts…..

*there are now only 13 slaughterhouses that process a majority of beef consumed by the 13 billion ppl.  When there used to be thousands.

*We consume about 57 gallons of soda in a year (per person)

*1 out of every 3 toys that a child has is from a fast food place

*animals are now looked at as an industrial commodity

* never in human history has mankind raised livestock the same way we have the past 40 years

*Workers on the farms are basically receiving the same treatment as slaves

*15-20 thousand of farm workers are poisoned by pesticides in food

*As industrialization of food went up, Food poisoning went up

* 70-80% of anitbiotics are given to animals to eat which is why so many people are antibiotic resistant

He ended the lecture with this quote:

“For everything to be sustainable, we must be GROUNDED.”

Grounded is the key word.  In my opinion we have lost our ethics in this country and its time for us to all come together, step up to the challenge and really make a change for the good of this country and world!!

How do you feel about all this information?????




15 responses

28 04 2010

wow, that’s kind of an overload! i think the thing the hit home the most for me was the part about our food changing more in the past 40 years…how crazy is that?!?!?!

29 04 2010

It’s crazy how we treat animals and how our food system has changed. Watching Kim eat a salad from greasy Carl’s Jr does nothing for me. lol

29 04 2010

WOW! This is some crazy stuff. What a great opportunity you had to hear him speak. Thanks for sharing all the information.

29 04 2010

Whoa, thank you so much for all of this vital information. It definitely is a lot to process and it’s something that people need to seriously think about, me included.

29 04 2010
Megan @ Healthy Hoggin

After watching Food Inc, I was so frustrated! I wish this information were more available to the public, but at the same time– I’m not sure it will do much! So many people are addicted to processed food, and think our industrialized farming is just “normal!” I really hope that our society can make real changes over time– especially that crazy marketing/media system!! It’s really sick that people care more about money, than human health and safety!

I did like the positive message that Food Inc ended with, though– vote with your dollars, and buy local, organic produce! Hopefully if enough people are willing to individually change, the industry will follow.

29 04 2010

Thanks for the review/info! That’s cool you got to see him. But FYI, at least one of your facts is off — there are NOT 13 billion people on the planet. There are currently about 6.5 billion, just so ya know 🙂

2 05 2010

sorry that must be a typo…I think there is like 13 million in the US is what it was meant to say…whoopsy, sorry everyone for the mistake

30 04 2010

Wow! that must have been a really great event to attend! It sounds like so much useful information! I have been wanting to watch food inc lately and I think I will definitely have to now 🙂

30 04 2010
Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

It’s so awesome you got to hear Eric Schlosser speak, he’s an awesome author and I loved him in SuperSize Me and Food, Inc. Those are definitely some sobering statistics…it’s so sad. The thing is, it’s so deeply entrenched in our country that change has to come from the top, which I don’t see happening any time soon. We can still keep trying to make a difference with our own eats though, right?! Hope you have a great Friday girl!!

30 04 2010

Gah, I know it’s gotten bad 😦 I had no idea about the MRI/kids research though! That should be unethical…seriously.

We were discussing in my Food Comm. class how there’s all this advertising for crap but there’s no one advertising for fruits & veggies! Maybe if they had a commercial or a fancy package…they’d be eaten more?

30 04 2010
Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

never heard of neuromarketing, how disturbing! you are so lucky you got to hear eric schlosser, i am sooo jealous!

30 04 2010

Omg this info is so crazy to hear!! I knew the food industry was bad but I didnt know the extent of it! Thanks for this post, it really opened my eyes!!

4 05 2010

That’s amazing you got to hear it right from his mouth. Probably made it THAT MORE REAL. Its so sad and frustrating whats going on in our world, and at times, I feel so helpess.

And neuromarketing? really..thats a new low.

4 05 2010

yeah the neuromarketing is what really got me angry…I mean I was pissed about the whole food system prior to hearing that but now my stance is completely solidified and won’t change until something happens….I mean honestly come on now…ridiculous!

4 05 2010
Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

Thanks for stopping by my site.

I really like this post. So informative. I wish I could have had a chance to hear Eric Schlosser speak. I finished reading Fast Food Nation about 3 weeks and I thought it was such a thorough, well researched book. It really put the meat packing industry into perspective. I couldn’t believe the treatment of the workers, the injuries sustained on the job, and dangers of the work environment.
I think everyone should read that book.

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