Wake up in the morning….not feeling like P Diddy

6 05 2010

Happy 6th of May everyone!!

haha, I wanted to post yesterday but I decided on keeping to the usual busy schedule and not being home long enough to upload photos and typing…etc. you all know the time it takes to blog!  I hope ya’ll had a great CINCO DE MAYO!! THis morning I woke up this morning feeling like a big ball of awfulness (I say big b/c I am 5’11”) and for some reason my insides (intestines, etc.) feel just fine but my skin H-U-R-T-S!!  From what you ask??  I have no earthly idea….maybe I did something when I was sleeping….only God knows….

I’m sure when P Diddy wakes up he has a professional bed maker, unpacker and cook….

must be nice…

However, I do not live in a house close to the water like that, well, I don’t even live in a house…its an apartment, and I’m sure everything in my bedroom equals the amount it cost for him to buy his bed set alone lol

At least its made though…right??

Monkey loves my bed 😉

On the other hand, I still have yet to unpack from Austin….how sad, we got back Sunday and its already thursday and my bag is still sitting on the floor a complete mess….

Sure would be nice to be P Diddy right about now, I could just snap my fingers and have someone take care of unpacking.  Actually, I wouldnt even need to unpack b/c I would have so many clothes and shoes lol….jk,

I LOVE my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!

I’m still trying to get used to having a working camera (minus the flash still) but I got several pics this week from my eats!!

I have had several GM’s

Yes, thats an old picture but once again I have yet to get used to having a camera around again…

These all include:

3-4 fresh strawberries

1 small banana

1/2 c Almond Milk (unsweetend)

6 1in chunks of pineapple

1 MASSIVE handful of spinach

1 scoop Berry Amazing Grass

1.5 tsp Spirulina

Soooooo yummy 🙂 I absolutely love starting my days off with this beauty!

This week I had my portfolio pictures (for fitness modeling) and I haven’t really seen them but Chris (the photographer) said they were awesome!!  Can’t wait to see them!

However, it was extremely awkward doing yoga poses in a public park, in nothing but a sports bra and spandex on with a guy taking pics of me….lol I’m sure you can understand….it was a really vulnerable feeling actually

I have had lots of color in my foods this week so far….

best juice mix EVER!!

I have been kind of dragging during workouts b/c I’m still so tired from the trip this past weekend so I bought some of these Vegn sports drink mixes to have Prior to/during my workouts and these are seriously the BEST things ever, not only taste but it works for sure….I have been playing D1 college volleyball the past 4 years and have tried so many different sports drinks, and this is by far the best one I’ve ever had!!….seriously though, take my word for it!

I also got some of these (another new fav) for toppings on salads, or just to snack on….

mmmmm mmmmm mmmm….ladies (and gentlemen) these are wonderful, especially if you have kids these are so delicious and nutritious and fun to eat!!

I felt like our house needed some color so I bought some gerber daisies (my fav flower!)

I feel like flowers really make a home….or at least my dining room haha

While I was out buying flowers, I stopped by Barnes and Noble to get some books for a little summer reading (there will be more books than just 2, just haven’t figured out exactly what else I want to read)

about the black market

I have watched Food Inc. and seen Eric Schlosser speak but I have yet to read his books so I thought it’d be a good idea to get started!!

I made an amazing chipotle veggie salad, with sesame garlic tempeh, a little guac for some MUFA, and a spicy apricot-balsamic dressing

This was soooo filling

I had spirulina pancakes this morning with Barney butter, banana, cinnamon on one and the other had crofters (spelling?) superfruit jam with sliced strawberries

Spirulina Pancakes:

any pancake mix + spirulina + flax = SOOOOO good, and nutritious!!

oh yeah, and some yogi tea alongside them

I was trying to get a shot of the “greenness” of the pancakes haha

I bet P Diddy’s cooks don’t make stuff like this

oh btw….I’m teaching my first spin class this saturday morning!!! So excited!!

Today I don’t have too much going on, just studying a little once I finally get offline, then going to the sand vb courts to give a couple lessons and then playing and tonight going to watch Chad’s flag football games!

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Have y’all heard, and/or seen Christina Aguilera’s new song/video “Not Myself Tonight”?  What do you think? I like the old school Christina, even back in her “dirty” days b/c honestly that was the best cd she ever came out with! haha oh well….the not myself tonight video isn’t something I could see her doing, but I guess she is “not herself tonight”

I personally like this video and song much more….

Have a great weekend!!




16 responses

6 05 2010

you better post your fitness photos (or email them to me)! i can’t wait to see them 🙂 p.s. i need some GM in my life…it’s so sad how few veggies i’ve had over the past week…

6 05 2010

you eat way too healthy it disgusts me. have a greasy pizza or something unhealthy so i dont feel so bad about what i eat. miss ya, love ya, talk to you soon.

6 05 2010
Amber @ Pampered Recipes

I woke up kinda groggy too..mainly from one too many margaritas! But it was a nice night out with the girls. Hope you feel better!

6 05 2010

Oh how exciting to have the fitness photos done. I bet they look great. And will be worth the awkwardness in the park. You’re a strong woman! I don’t know if I could do that. LOL

Good luck on your first spin class instruction!

6 05 2010

That’s P.Diddy’s house!? Uh, I would love to live there, it’s gorgeous. I’m loving your bed though! It’s cute. 🙂 I have a big stuffed dog that occupies my bed too. I called her Brandi.. because she’s golden and kind of resembles my dog.. in that she’s golden.

I saw that Vega Sport stuff when I was shopping today and I ALMOST bought it.. then backed off because I bought his chocolate whole food protein powder and it tastes like dirt. Not good dirt either, more like dirt that’s been mixed with poo.

7 05 2010

hahaha thats funny about the protein stuff (not funny that it tasted like dirt, but just how you described it 🙂 )

7 05 2010
Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

I LOOOOOVE Vega. Try a packet of it in oats (the vanilla chai is the best flavor for that), it’s seriously amazing. And Christina’s Stripped CD was awesome, I agree…I still listen to a lot of the songs from it at the gym!!

7 05 2010

Green Monsters are essential!! I loved this post!! I definitely haven’t listened to Christina in a VERY long time! This brought back some memories for sure!! Hehe 🙂 And I loved the title of your post!!

7 05 2010
Katherine: What About Summer?

that song gets so stuck in my head (check out lilly pulitzer post- I don’t feel like p diddy in the AM either). looks like you have some good green monster to make the day better though

8 05 2010
Fit Chick in the City

Good to know about the Vega sport drink. I’ve read mixed reviews on the stuff, but may have to try it out for myself.

8 05 2010

Cute monkey!
I loveee pumpkin seeds. I should start buying them unshelled like yours 🙂

Yeah, I like Christina’s old stuff better. She looks like she’s trying to be lady gaga in her new video

8 05 2010
Claire @ College:Raw

Haha, I love your reference to P. Diddy…

I want to buy flowers for my apartment next year; I agree that it makes everything feels so much more homey!

8 05 2010

Fitness pictures?! How cool, cant wait to see!

Ive seen the movie Fast Food Nation—Im guessing its related to the book?

And I like Christina–old or new, Ive just always liked her attitude.

9 05 2010

Hope you’re feelin better! I woke not feelin’ like P Diddy either! Lol

Cant wait to see your pics!

2 06 2010
A@ Please Don't Eat Me!

i saw the pics from your fitness model shoot- dang girl you are HOT! nice !!!!
ohhh but thats Shaqs house.. hes got the basketball shaped windows.. lol
PDiddy’s house is on that same stretch of water though.. i think only a few houses away.. (I went to Miami twice, did the stars home tour a couple of times lol ; ) )

2 06 2010

hahaha thats funny…yeah I just threw up a photo that would be something that looks like what PDiddy would live in hah

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