Juice Machine

5 06 2010

hey everyone!

This is going to be a short one…I have been juicing my life away and man oh man am I seeing results!!! After just one week….might I add…..

It’s amazing how eating clean and taking good care of yourself results happen within just one week!  My skin is looking brighter, clearer, and is smoother :-)….thank you apple, beet, carrot, kale, and kiwi juice….

Here are some of my eats from this past week!

setting up for teaching spin….

I can’t believe I am putting this up  here lol…

a homemade black bean burger





POM- Pomegranate-Mango


Amazing Grass- Berry Flavor

same GM as above with Mom’s Homemade granola….best Breakfast EVER!!

black bean burger patty, spinach, tomato paste, Greek Hummus on Sandwich thin 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

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11 responses

5 06 2010

Jealous because A, I so desperately want a juicer, and B, I quit my gym and I really, REALLY miss spinning 😦

6 06 2010

Juicing really makes your skin glow, I did a lot of it last summer and loved the results.

6 06 2010
Katherine: What About Summer?

That is so awesome you teach spin; I wish I was an instructor/more knowledgeable about the classes!

7 06 2010

you’ve got killer legs! 🙂

12 06 2010
Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run]

That’s so cool you teach spin! I heart spinning. Where did you get certified?

14 06 2010

I got certified by AFA….I got the group certification because I will hopefully be teaching cardio body sculpt and yoga classes next semester!

12 06 2010

scissor, what are you using to juice? did you get a juicer? nevermind, i’m going to text you and ask you… 🙂

13 06 2010

Yeah, I bought a juicer right after I got back from Spring break when i was detoxing….its definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!!

13 06 2010

OK, so dumb question (yes, some questions really ARE dumb): What exactly is “juicing?” Like do you just drink juice in place of meals sometimes? Is there a certain way it “works?” I’m in desperate need of a cleansing after the heavy eating weekend I just had, and eek, I’m breaking out for maybe the third time in a decade! Not.cool. I think it’s stress-related though :/


14 06 2010

hey! I don’t think its a dumb question at all! Juicing is just using a juicer to combine different kinds of veggies to drink! Juicing is really great because it takes out the insoluble fiber from the veggies which is good for cleansing and making sure you stay regular in the bathroom if you know what I mean 😉 haha. I don’t do it as a meal replacement but I will drink it for a snack or alongside meals!

13 06 2010

your eats look AWESOME!!! yum! I would love to go to your spin class! I LOVE SPIN!

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