Not a Fan

22 06 2010

Hey everyone!

I am still alive!!  To start off though, I just want to say I am not a fan of coming up with post titles.  I am just not creative when it comes to this kind of thing…I was never good at coming up with catch phrases etc. so “Not a fan” is all I got for right now haha…

Even though I am not a fan of coming up with post titles, I am a fan of….

Daniel Fernandes, the goaltender for Portugal….

so dreamy….

I am also a fan of  Pirates Booty…

Great food, made my a great friend, and enjoying it with great people 🙂

Sky, the cook…made pork tacos (and veggie ones for me 🙂 )

Caitlin helping setup everything….sauteed onions and peppers, pico de gallo, salsa verde, guacamole, lettuce, black beans, pork, cilantro

setup again….now the dinner party

had lots of wine at the table too haha…I drank a white wine with my meal, and had 2 veggie tacos and 1 pork….let me just say, I’m not a fan of meat, but this pork that sky cooked up was AH-MAZING!!!!!!!

I took some of these photos from Caitlin who documented part of the trip in SLO 🙂

While I was in SLO I started a new obsession with Sparkling Water….

I feel like the sparkling water helps with my digestion….not sure how to explain it, but I also love the bitter taste of the water, and its so refreshing on a hot day when its cold and has a squeeze of lemon or lime 🙂

I am a fan of watching beach volleyball….aka Misty may Treanor

I am not a fan of not being the best….its the most frustrating thing in the world…one day, after TONSSSSSSS of hard work, I would love to be close to or at or even surpass (if thats possible for anyone) Misty May’s level….one day…..

I am a HUGE fan of Father’s Day….

I have the BEST daddy in the world….He has taught me all about hard work, and never giving up on my dreams.  He (along with my mother and sister) is my number one fan.  He has always supported me 100% in all my dreams (WNBA, College Volleyball, and now Beach Volleyball, Being a R.D.) He has is a best friend to me, to my mom, and to my sister, he has been a very loving father and husband, and is one of the strongest people I know.  He has taught me so much about making the most out of everything you have been given, and has taught me so much about cherishing everything I’ve been blessed with.  I could go for days about how awesome he is……I will always remember our awesome road trips to Amarillo to play in basketball tournaments and we’d listen to Garth Brooks, and he’d let me put my feet up on the dashboard of the car and we’d sing together the whole way….I love my daddy more than words can express, and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.

I am also a HUGEEEEEEE fan of my parents 40th Anniversary!!!!

Ya’ll, I’m sure you say the same about your parents, but I seriously have the most amazing, and wonderful parents EVER!!!!!!!  They have both encouraged me to dream and set goals, and to set the bar high for my expectations of myself!  One day, I hope to have a relationship like theirs….everyday they fall more and more in love with one another, support one another 100%, and are one anothers BEST FRIENDS.  I don’t think my life could be more blessed….having an amazing family surrounding and supporting me every second of every day. 🙂 I love you mom and dad, and thank you for everything 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week, there will be more to come soon!



5 responses

22 06 2010

I love your blog and I am also obsessed with sparkling water!!!1

22 06 2010

aw, this made me cry! i love our family…we are so blessed!


23 06 2010
Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

I’m normally not a sports fan, but the eye candy in the World Cup is definitely delicious. I’ll have to watch for the Portugese goaltender 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!!

24 06 2010
Danielle (Runs on Green)

That was a sweet little tribute to your dad/parents 😀

And I always love your outfits! I need to copy you cuz my wardrobe is struggling lol

27 06 2010
A Teenage Gourmet

Perrier! ❤ Thank you for your comment on my blog.

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