22 07 2010

No, not the acne care line ProActive, I’m talking about being proactive.

Are YOU proactive?

If there is one thing that I definitely learned from my parents growing up it was to be PROACTIVE about my dreams and ambitions.  So….thats what I do….I am proactive, I get out in the community and I really honestly try to make things happen for myself.  Now, the hard part…accepting being denied.  For instance, I wanted to get into fitness modeling, and was denied by a couple of agencies.  I have never wanted to be a model, or anything along those lines, but I did enjoy the thought of getting paid to work out and eat right and to travel to do nothing but take athletic pictures….honestly though, it worked out for the best because had I ended up doing the fitness modeling I may not have had the time this summer to train as hard as I am for beach vb……

I am sooooo happy with what I am doing right now.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything, and so many doors are really opening up for me right now which is an amazing feeling.  I know its because I have been proactive about ALL of my ambitions.  I have my “backup” plans but I am a BIG believer that things will work out the way they are supposed to, and so far everything is working out in great ways!  I go to Austin on the 3rd to interview for a potential internship with this amazing organization…….

Wish me luck!  this would be a dream!!!!!! (both living in Austin, and working for this cause!)

and I might also be coaching a JV high school team in the fall 🙂 which I would love b/c I just really enjoy coaching and interacting with young women.  I hope to inspire young girls to never give up on their dreams, and show them that with hard work anything is possible.  YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HOLD YOU BACK FROM YOUR DREAMS!!!!! For real though, I am speaking the truth.  When you dont get a job, or whatever else you are out there trying to get, dont let that get you down….you just have to get right back up and work even harder and trust that the LORD has something great in store!

Alright….enough preaching, I’m sure ya’ll want to see some eats!

Rice cake with Strawberry crofters on one half, and honey on the second half, and homemade Almond butter all over!

and it didnt let me down!! This stuff was amazing!!

also had the Dulce De Leche flava later on in the week.....both were awesome!

Zico, blueberries, banana, goji berries, spirulina, Guar gum, Berry Amazing Grass

0% Fage with honey, cinnamon, 1 banana, and the rest of my homemade AB

yes yes ya'll I switched it up and moved away from the yogi tea for a little bit....LOVE THIS FLAVOR!!

mmmmmmmm Carrot (3) Beet (1 medium) and Kale (3) juice 🙂

For Indian Food Wednesday

so delish

Rice cake with Strawberry crofters and 0% fage

2 HUGE slices of Veggie Pizza....soooo yummy

another blueberry recovery shake with my reusable straw

***I will be updating my recipe page and putting the Blueberry recovery smoothie, homemade almond butter, and a carrot-beet soup recipe up there within the next couple of days!***

I hope everyone has a great weekend!





12 responses

22 07 2010

um, i am totally discouraged this week (bummer!) but this post is really cheering me up! i’m so proud of you and so thankful to have such an awesome (and gorgeous!) little sister!

23 07 2010

Loving this post! I used to think things will just come to you and it it was fate, you don’t need to work for it, it will just happen. But now i think differently and I’ve gone out there and i will soon be living my dreams! 🙂

23 07 2010

Good luck with the interview!

I wasn’t always proactive but for the past couple months I have been trying to be. As it turns out, it’s much more fun and rewarding to be optimistic than it is to be pessimistic! Who would have guessed. 😉

24 07 2010
Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear

Good luck 🙂

This was a great post, I just wrote about how I’m going to achieve my own dreams – step by step and am totally with you on being proactive.

Happiness and success do not come knocking on your door if you just wait long enough. You have to go out and make things happen!

Yay for being proactive and yay for making dreams come true!

26 07 2010

wow! amazing pictures. Love that you are followign your dreams and kicking butt!

oh and I think it would be pretty sweet to be a fitness model! I love their athletic bodies!

29 07 2010
Kristina @goodnweird

Great post! And amazing photos!

29 07 2010

Hi, Honey! Finally got to see the photos–you are looking and doing awesome–good shots of block and hit! Congratulations again on the job! We are proud of you–great attitude! Love, Mom

29 07 2010

WOW! An internship. This sounds great. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’m sure you will do great. This post is so inspiring. Thanks

2 08 2010

I felt discouraged a lot of times. As everyone I suppose. My worst period was when I finished college and I couldn’t find a job.

You were right: we are the only ones that can make our dreams true

3 08 2010
Justin Dupre

What an inspirational post! Accepting denied is never easy.

4 08 2010

You rock! Way to be proactive and go for your dreams! Easier said than done sometimes..

I love the healthy drinks in the Coors light cup. My boyfriend would be so proud…

4 08 2010

Oh, love this post girl! Way to do what you love and make your own path — the VB sounds awesome. I have been proactive about my health lately — after a serious scare, I am trying to get things back together, physically and emotionally. 🙂

Happy humpday!

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