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28 08 2010

Happy Saturday Ya’ll!

I hope everyone’s day has been just as nice and relaxing as mine has been :-).  I taught an awesome spin class this morning, and had TONS of newcomers as well, which is super exciting…its a great day when I see a new face in my class.  We worked out hard, and then I did 20 min on the stair climber (I wasn’t tired enough yet I guess lol) and I alternated between levels 8, 10, 12, and 15 every 2 min.  It was fun.  Really ha.

I have some good news…..

I GOT THE INTERNSHIP with Team Active Life as the Events Intern, and it has been approved by the UNT so everything is set in stone….Austin here I come!

During my interview I read an exerpt from “Supersizing America: Fatness and Post- 9/11 Cultural Anxieties” by Courtney Bailey to Coco (the interviewer) regarding the issue of weight in the U.S.

I agree that the basic health of others is reason enough to have a nationwide movement to a healthier United Sates, but why do you think America is overweight?

Americas issue with weight, in my opinion, would be solved if we finally addressed the issue of excessiveness in this country. I mean honestly do we really need a supersize meal in order to make it through a day or would a small french fry and a simple one patty burger do the deed?

The article states:

“First, fat bodies manifest the US’s insatiable greed for land, resources, and conquest.  Fatness stands for the destructive ways in which America throws its weight around, running roughshod over the rest of the global community.  In Paul Campos’ words, the US’s current obsession with weight ‘has become a convenient way of avoiding a more direct engagement with any number of issues regarding America’s size, excessiveness, and out-of-control consumption,’ especially ‘that we are threatening to consume the entire planet’ (234).”

Does that statement have an effect on how you look at the issue of obesity in America?

I don’t think America needs to be stick thin or super ripped like fitness models, but I do think each and every human being and animal deserves to live a healthy life filled with tons of great memories and love.  I completely agree with the statement because here its all about the money, where you live, what your house looks like, what kind of car you drive, what clothes you wear, where you eat out at etc.   At the end of the day though how does this all matter in the long run?  I understand the “want” aspect of it all, I have my weaknesses (lululemon, BCBGeneration, etc.) but at the end of the day the only thing that TRULY matters is how many lives I’ve been able to touch with the Lord’s Blessings…honestly.  I believe that through my actions, my smile, my just attitude and outlook on life shines His love.

I plan on taking FULL advantage of this opportunity that I have to make a difference in the US with my internship and hopefully get many more on board with me!

just a little “food for thought” :-)….please let me know your opinions on this issue.

Now for some photos from California and other randoms…..

I start the Insanity Program Monday

Bring it on Shaun T.....I think I'm ready for ya

Some photos from the trip to Cali

in Malibu…at Seaside beach

being Goofs

Got to see this girl, Rachel, Love her 🙂

and of course i had to see Katherine In Santa Barbara

using Katie as our “pack mule” lol

I also am having the worst breakout I’ve had in years, I’m pretty sure its been caused by all the traveling I’ve been doing, so I went to Sephora for a skin consultation where I got  the facewash, lotion and nighttime treatment by DERMAdoctors “Aint Misbehavin” line

This past week was really busy, but this coming week is about to get REALLY busy….don’t be surprised if I look like this by next Saturday…


Have a great rest of the weekend ya’ll!

Don’t forget to check out

my sisters new site called Facesofbeauty.org….it is AMAZING!!!!!




10 responses

28 08 2010
Danielle (Runs on Green)

Congrats on the internship! That’s exciting 😀

“at the end of the day the only thing that TRULY matters is how many lives I’ve been able to touch with the Lord’s Blessings…honestly.” <– I'm so glad you said that because it's so true.

29 08 2010
Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear

Congrats on the internship! 🙂

29 08 2010

you are so cute scissor! even if you do look like that monkey…err…don’t look like that monkey 🙂

29 08 2010

The monkey is too cute! lol And congrats on the internship girl! That is great 🙂

29 08 2010

So, this may be creepy but I’ve followed your blog for a while and I love it!! I was at a friend’s place and we went to the pool at the Forum, were you by any chance there yesterday??? I could have sworn I saw you! Weird!

29 08 2010

Yeah! haha this is my last semester here at UNT and I got almost an entire day off from working so I went and laid out! how funny!

30 08 2010
Stephanie@ avocado nation

I’m agree with the idea of America’s excess and that we need to find our way to curb our greed and reconcile our need with our wants, However, I don’t agree with the author’s characterization of what “fat” is. His/her argument that a fat body represents “greed” and “destruction” is completely out of line and not to mention completely insulting. Yes, I realize that there is a certain amount of accountability that everyone must have with regard to their weight but to blame all of the obese in a vacuum for their weight problem is ridiculous. What about the food lobbyists in Washington who push their surplus corn and corn products on the American public? What about the multi-billion dollar fast food industry who exploits the poor with their greasy cheap calorie-laden wares? I agree with you, that everyone deserves a healthy life and I hope to see that one day. However, I completely disagree with the author of the article because using fat people as a scape goat for all that is wrong with the people of America is just inappropriate. /end rant. 🙂

BTW, I really like your blog!

30 08 2010

I completely agree with you…I know a lot of factors take place in weight gain…I went through a 30 lb weight gain my first 2 years of college and have finally started to get back to where I was prior to that. I dont agree with using the overweight as a scape goat either. I put that up there mostly for the stuff on excess in America, but good point. 🙂

30 08 2010

Congrats on the internship! Your pictures look soo fun!

1 09 2010

Congratulations on the internship!!! I don’t think you’d ever look like that little monkey, however he is pretty cute so I wouldn’t mind if that actually happened 🙂

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