A few things I enjoy

11 09 2010

I hope everyone is doing great!

As I sit on the couch and watch Hitch, I keep thinking about all the different things that I’m doing right now that I truly truly enjoy. Β So, I thought I’d share them with you!

I really enjoy getting my boom boom beat up by Shaun T 6 days a week during Insanity

Ladies, as you can see he is very easy on the eyes πŸ™‚

Group exercise classes are super fun….especially the Belly Dancing Class I’ve been taking on Sunday nights….Shakira, Watch out! Β Here I come!

Its a great ab workout and a lot of fun to let loose and get my groove on! haha

I have been drinking a Cool Cucumber Soda everyday for the past week….it might just be my new absolute favorite drink for now…

I love Brian Culbertson…especially his song that he has called “Skies Wide Open” with Avant…so beautiful

The melody is so gorgeous, and the lyrics are what every woman wants to hear…am I right ladies? haha

I have been dreaming constantly about making it back to the wonderful city of SLO to reunite with my friends and go to the beach….it will be a loooong while though…

What are some things you are enjoying right now?

have an amazing week everyone πŸ™‚




10 responses

11 09 2010

I love that your post is all about things you’re currently enjoying! Not going to lie.. I kind of want to do a post like this too. Except that means I need to think about what it is I’m enjoying and that means using my brain.. which is dead at the moment. I’ve been at work all day and all my brain cells are fizzling out.

Anyways, I think something I’ve been enjoying.. has been………………………shoes! I’ve found 3 pairs of awesome shoes in the past month and that is highly enjoyable for me. I love shoes.

11 09 2010

i’m definitely enjoying the cooler weather and football season πŸ™‚ oh, and working out is sweet right now…gotta love it when that happens!

12 09 2010

I am definitely enjoying spending time with my family and the beautiful weather lately! It’s been perfect for biking outside! Also, I am so glad that it’s football season and I get to watch the steelers! πŸ™‚ And a belly dancing class sounds fun!!

13 09 2010

I’m enjoying fall πŸ˜€
lol I know a couple of friends who are also doing Insanity! Good luck!! *gulp* haha

14 09 2010
Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear

I’m enjoying dark, chilly evenings with a good book and dinner parties with friends πŸ™‚

14 09 2010

oh my gosh, Cool cucumber soda sounds really good! I haven’t seen that around here. I’m enjoying the anticipation of spending time with my family soon. I don’t see them that often! πŸ™‚

14 09 2010

It’s all about the little things! πŸ˜€

15 09 2010
Joslyn @ missfitbliss

Cucumber soda?! On an even cooler note, I’ve got to try that Insanity workout! I’ve been hearing really great reviews!

15 09 2010
Jocelyn @ Peace.Love.Nutrition

I’m enjoying the weather being a bit cooler and wearing boots! haha

18 09 2010

BELLY DANCING?!?! that is sooo cool!! theres a class here that you can take for that! i need to get on it!

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