Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

8 10 2010

I just want to say Happy Birthday to the BEST mother in the world!!! 

She has taught me so much about being the woman I want to be.  Loving, caring, tender-hearted but still goal oriented.  She has been there for me through Everything (along with my father and sister and brother-in-law) and has always given me a shoulder to cry on, and when we aren’t together and I need a hug she makes sure to say that she is hugging me at that very moment. 

My mom is an amazing wife, and has set a great example for my sister and I and the kinds of wives we want to be.  I am not yet a wife, but when I am one day I hope to have the same kind of relationship that my parents have.  I want to marry my best friend, and have that deep love with a man that goes so much further than just physical  attraction.  My parents have such a deep intimate friendship with one another and sometimes it brings me to tears because I’m so blessed to have parents so deeply in love with each other.

My family is myeverything.  I thank the Lord everyday for having such amazing people surrounding me and supporting me through every crazy journey I go on.  Whether it be moving to California, to trying to get into the fitness modeling industry to trying to go professional overseas for volleyball. 

 and in memory of my Papa who just recently passed away…

You will be truly missed Papa.  I love you so much. I know you and Uncle Jay are having a good time catching up in Heaven and smiling down on us 🙂 I feel honored to have you as my grandfather, you are so amazing.




8 responses

8 10 2010

amen 🙂

8 10 2010
Joslyn @ missfitbliss

This is such a wonderful tribute to your mother and family! Great photos, and my condolences on your Papa’s passing.

8 10 2010

I found you through Heather’s site (and I think I’ve been here before…) I had no idea you were sisters. At first I saw the pic of your mom and thought “why is she doing a birthday post for Heather’s mom?” hahaha

And what a nice ending to your post about your Papa.

8 10 2010

Gah girl this is beautiful. heaven gained an angel!!

8 10 2010

Thank you, Salah–what really sweet things you said. I couldn’t be blessed with two better daughters than you and Heather. You, Heather and Dad make my day everyday. Love you loads! Mommy

9 10 2010

Happy birthday to your mom!! Your mom is very lucky to have you as her daughter. 🙂

I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa. ❤

10 10 2010
Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear

This post made me cry, really a beautiful post.

12 10 2010

wow… my dad just passed too. i’m like having a hard time dealing with it. how do you do it?

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