Making Time

16 12 2010


I have barely gotten any sleep due to the fact that its finals week/my last week living here in Denton so I’m crunching 50 million things in all at once.

First, lets start off with a clip from my favorite show on tv right now (besides Ellen of course 🙂 )

I love this group, what they stand for (GOD!!!) and just their overall sound.

I have been really busy studying, getting ready to move to Austin (Bloggers if you are reading this and live in or close to Austin I’d love to have a bloggie meet up!! ), and trying to make a little time to see the people I love one more time before I head on out this Friday after my last final.

I have not had much sleep……






Ran out of coffee and oats….no bueno

However, I ACED my group presentation on Monday (and was told I was a really good public speaker, which I think is all because I teach Group X now….for those of you who teach you know what I’m talking about), and I ACED my Rec final yesterday….kind of a joke but these next 2 finals won’t be near as easy!

I don’t really post much about my workouts on here, but this week I’ve been doing super light cardio on the stair climber or on the eliptical.  I mentioned a couple posts ago about my foot hurting so I’ve been taking it pretty easy and not doing sprints or anything like that, and YOGA 3 times so far this week (Mon, Tues, and Wed).  I’m learning how to start teaching it (I can do the poses just fine, but using the transition language and stuff is super difficult….a total 180 from teaching spin!!)

I am not sure when I will be able to post again over the break (maybe not until the 1st!) because I will be traveling home, then to Leakey, then Phoenix, then Livermore and back to Lubbock!!  I will be doing my best to try and keep up with everyone’s blogs though, I thoroughly enjoy reading each and every one of yours!

Here is something to keep in mind, to “think like da vinici” (this is on my stress management test lol)

1. Be curious about how things work; don’t take everything for granted; ask questions

2. Make a habit of using all 5 senses to explore the world

3. Be willing to embrace ambiguity, paradox

4. Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them

🙂 I think this is just a few key things to remind us all to not take everything in life too seriously!  Just enjoy our time here on earth!  The more we smile, the more lives we will touch….EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US HAS SUCH A UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL SMILE, if we all just smile 5 more times a day at someone, can you imagine how different the world would be?

Ok, I seriously need to stop procrastinating….I think its time I leave my apartment and head to the library…


God Bless you all 🙂




7 responses

16 12 2010
Dawn Hutchins

I hope you have a wonderful holiday too and good luck with your move to Austin!

16 12 2010

i so wish i was going to leakey with y’all! make sure you take lots of pictures (with mom’s camera?) if you can! love you!

16 12 2010

haha yeah, just need to help remind her to bring it!! lol Love you!

16 12 2010
Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather

Good luck on your last couple finals! It can be a crazy stressful time but it sounds like you’ve got a handle on it. Exercise always helps my stress, even just easy light cardio.

Learning how to teach yoga? How exciting!

17 12 2010
Heather (Perspective Is Everything)

have a super fun time in Austin. My hubby used to live there and absolutely LOVED it!
hope the finals went well….from the sound of what kind of student/person you are, i’m confident you did great.
merry,happy,blessed wonderful CHRISTmas to you!!

22 12 2010

Run out of oats?! I can’t imagine that happening to me… I buy them from Costco 🙂

23 12 2010
Anne Marie

I love this list!! What a great way to stay optimistic 🙂

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for dropping by the blog!!

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