Drunken post

9 01 2011

I’m not really drunk but…..

This Guava Goddess Synergy Kombucha has got me feeling a little drunk-ish

So While I’m sitting here at WF, using the free wi-fi I’m going to skype with this guy

Tomorrow I start my first day of the internship at 10:30am!  I’ll have a real post up soon!

Have a great week everyone!




32 responses

9 01 2011

oh yipppeeee! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

9 01 2011

good luck on your internship tomorrow 🙂 you’ll totally rock it girl!

10 01 2011

oo good luck tomorrow!

10 01 2011
Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

Good luck!!!!!

and i feel the same from booch sometimes 🙂

10 01 2011

hahaha I really only feel that way if I drinnk it pretty fast, but still its so funny to me!

10 01 2011
Katherine: Unemployed

WHOOHOO! high off life; it’s fine, no one judges 🙂 best wishes on day 1!

10 01 2011

Hope the first day goes well!!!

10 01 2011

WOOHOO! you figured out how to take a screen shot…you’re welcome 🙂 love you!

10 01 2011

Good luck at the internship!

10 01 2011

Thank you very much!

10 01 2011
Candice @ChiaSeedMe

I totally know what you mean about the kombucha, haha. You’re making me want to go get some…not because I want to feel drunk lol, just because it sounds good! Hope you’re enjoying your first day!

10 01 2011
Dawn (HealthySDLiving)

Good luck!!! 🙂

10 01 2011
Evan Thomas

I haven’t had kombucha since June. I miss that slight buzz. It was a healthy buzz thought, right?

11 01 2011

hahaha of course its a healthy buzz! Or at least thats what I tell myself 🙂

11 01 2011
Christine (The Raw Project)

Oh I know that buzz well. Good luck with the internship!

11 01 2011
Lisa @Thrive Style

Good luck!

I miss the original version of kombucha—it gave me the drunk feeling way more than the Enlightened version 🙂

11 01 2011
Healthy Coconut

Guava Goodness, sounds good! Never had that drink before, does it taste sweet?

12 01 2011

yes it does! its the perfect amount of sweetness! You should definitely try it!

12 01 2011
(what runs) Lori

Good luck with your internship!!!!

Don’t you love Kombucha?! And yeah, it totally makes me feel high or drunk or something… hehe love it. 🙂

12 01 2011

Good luck! I’m scared to try kombucha… I really need to get over it 🙂

12 01 2011

I was scared too but I absolutely love it now!!! ITs the best 🙂

12 01 2011
LauraB @ foodsnobstl

Ha ha, this is precisely why at my old job, I would leave work just to go get a kombucha. I have a problem.

12 01 2011

hahaha thats awesome!

12 01 2011
Jocelyn @ Peace.Love.Nutrition

Good luck tomorrow!! I love Kombucha and skype and free wifi !! haha

12 01 2011

That Kombucha is so pretty and pink! I’ve only tried Kombocha once and it was a yellow flavor.. it did taste good though.

Good luck with the internship! I hope it’s going well! 🙂

13 01 2011

Hope everything’s going well 😀 Yay skype!

13 01 2011

Good luck with the internship! I have yet to try Kombucha!

13 01 2011
Kristina @ Life as Kristina

When I drink Kombucha on an empty stomach I get all “drunkish” too! Good luck on your big day!

13 01 2011

Good luck on your internship!!

Oh wait…you already had it! Update please!! 🙂

14 01 2011

Can you really get drunk off Kombucha?? I drink it at work. hahha

15 01 2011
Michelle (Housewife in the Raw)

I love the Kombucha ‘drunk’ feeling! Good luck with work! I can’t wait to hear about it.

16 01 2011

HAHAHA yes it totally gives me a buzz!

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