Lean Mean Fighting Machine

3 02 2011

Hello all!

Happy Thursday!  It’s freezing here in good ol’ Austin, its kind of nice b/c my supervisor called me this morning and told me I could work from home.  Definitely a nice message to hear when my work for the morning was to go out and complete a couple of tobacco surveys for some research we are doing back at the offices.  Hallelujah!

I have some news:

1. On May 14 (before our ACTIVE Life Festival) from 7am-10am, I will be running a booth at an HEB walk event.  Guess who their celebrity guest is……

The one and only JILLIAN MICHAELS!

Ya’ll in case you don’t know me, or much about my fitness journey, but Jillian Michaels is my biggest inspiration when it comes to the world of fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals.  I cannot believe I get to meet my idol (when it comes to the world of fitness of course….my mom, dad, and sister are the three people I look up to most, other than God of course who is my #1 inspiration in EVERYTHING I do).

SO, I’m really excited. Then end. 🙂

2. I have an interview with a guy from 24-hour fitness to start personal training for them as soon as my internship is over!  I was working out earlier this week (obviously at 24-hr) and was approached about considering to personal train for them etc…..long story short, I have been saving up so I can get NACSM certified to personal train so this works out great!

Ok, to the meat of this post:

How I got lean.

A little background on me:

I played basketball from the age of 5 till I was about 16, then stopped playing to start concentrating on volleyball (I was entirely too burnt out from bball to play in high school let alone college).  I have always dreamed of playing collegiately whether it be basketball, volleyball, or high jump/triple jump/long jump.  I was offered a volleyball scholarship to play for California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

While I was there I gained a good amount of weight. I went from….

weighing about 145 (may I remind you I’m 5’11”) to weighing about 20-30 lbs heavier after my first two years of college…

(getting my first tattoo) Not the most flattering picture by any means, and is definitely embarrassing putting this on the web, where it will always be.  BUT, if anything I hope that this can possibly inspire someone out there who reads this silly blog of mine to go accomplish whatever they set out to do.

Now, half of the weight I gained (10-15lbs) was from lifting weights and college training.  The other half of the weight was just pure fat from eating so much taco bell and dorm food.

After 2 years at Cal Poly I decided to transfer schools (I went to University of North Texas in Denton, TX) for reasons I’m not going to mention on this blog.  I’m sorry but they are very personal.  I went to the doctor when I moved back to texas and got my cholesterol checked and found out that I had super high cholesterol (don’t remember the exact numbers but it was HIGH).  I decided this was time to make a change.

I didn’t know what to do, where to start or anything so I looked to Jillian Michaels.

I learned so much from her website and from watching the biggest loser and found so much motivation from her to get healthy and make a true LIFESTYLE change.  I have now lost all the weight except about 5lbs…

How I did this?


I was a D1 collegiate athlete.  I played for a team (CP) that was ranked #11 in the nation, and the training at UNT was no joke either.  It’s not that I wasn’t getting super hard, intense workouts in or anything like that.  I had plenty of calorie-burning muscle….but I ate like crap!

I ate TOO much and it was not nutritious whatsoever.  At all.

Now I eat things like this:

tofu (grilled, baked, sauteed)


seafood (lots of it, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, tuna, mahi mahi…the list goes on)


Fruits (at least 2 fruits a day)

Gluten-free breads

Brown Rice

Kombucha (everyday, thanks to Lindsay 🙂 )

Healthy fats in moderation (avocado, organic nut butters, EVOO, Coconut oil, etc)



SPiciness (jalepenos, cayenne, etc)


Cutting out the processed foods, I don’t much meat, but if I do its usually lean meats like turkey and chicken

Now that I’m done training (kind of) for volleyball (now I train for beach volleyball)

I do lots of sprints.  High Intensity Interval training. Also toning cardio (like plyos, builds nice lean muscle which burning fat). Hill sprints have become a favorite of mine (incline at 15, mph at about 8.5-9 for me) and sprint 15 sec on 30 sec off for 20-30 min.

Recently, I have been doing bikram yoga at least 3-4 times a week and have noticed a HUGE change in my physique.  My tone is really coming back and I lurve it :-).

On my days off, I like to go on easy hikes, kayaking (a new fav of mine), and easy runs or walks at the parks.

Sand volleyball is another great workout as well.

I still lift, but I usually just do circuits.  Burn fat, get the heart rate up, and build some muscle.  Circuit training is so easy to mix up (b/c boredom with workouts happens a lot) and gives you RESULTS.

I have now started to get into a little bit of modeling….but nothing big time.

If you have any questions about my journey or just want someone to talk to about the steps to take to start your own journey or to just talk period.  You can e-mail me at trust2345@aol.com I would love to hear from you!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Stay warm 🙂



26 responses

3 02 2011

you are gorgeous at any size, but you are glowing now! All those healthy turn arounds definitely show. Your heart, your attitude, your passions!

4 02 2011

🙂 there has been a big change, and its crazy how just taking care of myself nutritionally and athletically has really changed my entire perspective on life!

3 02 2011

wow!! what a story!! i am so so happy for you.. you look absolutely beautiful!

4 02 2011

🙂 Thank you!

3 02 2011

We eat so similarly……doesn’t it make you feel so good? You look amazing!!

4 02 2011

It makes me feel sooooo good! I love how just eating clean really makes a HUGE difference!

3 02 2011
Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

You look fantastic. I’d love to have your body girl!

4 02 2011

Thank you!

3 02 2011

i love you 🙂 and i agree with lindsay – you’ve always been beautiful, but you just seem (and ARE) happy now!

4 02 2011

Yes I am! 😉 Love you too scissor kick!

3 02 2011

Girl, you are GORGEOUS! I loved hearing your story, you are kick-ass and I love that your path to fitness can help other girls (and guys) too:)

p.s. I really hope you get to meet Jillian, she is a MONSTA:)

4 02 2011

Thanks! haha, if I do get to meet Jillian I will dedicate a post just to that! lol

3 02 2011
Michelle (Housewife in the Raw)

You’re awesome – I love your spirit and your willingness to be open and honest. I”m so glad you’ve found a happy place in life and in your body.

4 02 2011


3 02 2011
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[…] Lean Mean Fighting Machine « My Healthiest Life […]

3 02 2011

Girl, you are absolutely gorgeous and so inspirational!!

4 02 2011

🙂 Thank you so much!

4 02 2011

You are rocking that body!!!! I try and tell people a lot has to do with nutrition, I train and work out like a mad man but if I eat like crap-I blow up!

4 02 2011

oh yeah! I mean I trained hard everyday those 2 years that I gained all that weight. It’s not just exercise whatsoever

4 02 2011
Joslyn @ missfitbliss

I love that we’re the same height and size! I used to love volleyball too, but I was never good enough or dedicated enough to play in college – let alone get a scholarship for it!

Isn’t it amazing what Bikram yoga does for your body?! I need to start incorporating more cardio though, because it is pretty amazing what it does in tandem with the yoga. And I agree that nutrition is sooo vital to overall fitness!!

7 02 2011

So many things I want to comment on here – so let’s just go bullet style:)

– how do you drink Kombucha everyday? Do you pay full price at the store? Or do you have some secret?
– You and I talked about playing volleyball at my blog the other day – but I also played basketball for 13 years, and kayaking is one of my favorite things! Although I don’t live by a lake, so I hardly ever get to do it:(
– You look amazing, and you have honestly inspired me to go for it. I’ve been holding onto about 10-15 lbs for a long time, and I’m so ready to lose it. Look at those abs on you;)
– I am sooo jealous that you might get to meet Jillian. I absolutely love her!!
– Good to hear about your thoughts on Bikram. I currently teach the only yoga class at my gym, so I never get to go to a class myself. Now that we’re moving to the city I’m hoping I’ll have the opportunity to go to classes – hopefully Bikram!

7 02 2011

I like bullet style! haha it makes sure I answer everything!
-I buy a 64oz. container from Whole Foods and I kept my GT bottles and wash them out after every use and refill it everyday. It’s only $16 for a big 64oz refill of kombucha as opposed to the $3.49 for each 16 oz. bottle.
-I LOVE basketball! I actually played basketball my entire life. It wasn’t until high school I got serious about vb. BBall is such a GREAT workout! Talk about needing some serious cardio endurance!
-Thank you for your compliment! I’m glad I could be some inspiration! You can totally do it! If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here! and if you have any questions just send me a shout! 🙂
-When I meet Jillian I’ll make sure to dedicate a post solely to the meeting! haha
-You should definitely try out bikram! I love taking so many diff kinds of yoga, I feel like it helps really keep me open minded 🙂

8 02 2011
Carolyn [Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well]

You look great. I’ve commented on your blog before…. I am from the DFW area and went to UT-Austin. I’m 5’10 and went from 140 to 180 in my first 2 years of college. I was an avid swimmer in high school and became a professional drinker in college. I was miserable.

Slowly but surly I took control of what I put in my body and found a workout routine that I live by daily. I’m so happy and healthy now.

8 02 2011

good!! Thats so wonderful! I love hearing success stories! They always inspire me more to keep doing what I’m doing! I actually don’t live in the dallas area anymore, I just moved to Austin for an internship! haha, looks like we just switched places!

9 02 2011

i could write an ode to jillian. seriously. im so glad that youve found what works for you and you look amazing! im a bit jealous that you could meet her.
too bad that cal poly didnt work out, but as long as youre happy now.

do you make your own kombucha?

9 02 2011

no, I wish I made my own kombucha! haha I buy it in bulk at Whole Foods. There is a local kombucha group here in AUstin that sales to WF and I get the big 64oz. for 16 bucks 🙂

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