Birthday Cake Remix Socca Pancakes with PB “Frosting”

3 04 2011

How is everyone’s Sunday going?

Ever since I have gotten the birthday cake remix ice cream from Coldstone I’ve never ordered anything else.  I don’t go there often, but when I do I go on sugar-overload.  The other morning I was really wanting something similar to that but I think ice cream at 5am may be a tad too early. ya dig? 🙂 So I took out my garbanzo bean flour and decided to try something that seemed crazy. I knew it was either going to turn out amazing or be a complete flop….thank goodness is was Better than amazing!!

I did not, however, forget my promise to you all to share my Birthday Cake Remix Socca Pancakes with PB “Frosting“.

Birthday Cake-Remix Socca Pancakes

serves 2-3 ( i froze the extras, and it was awesome!)

1/4 c garbanzo bean flour

1/4 c coconut flour

1/4 c So Delicious Vanilla coconut milk

1/4 c (ish) of water

Splash of Vanilla extract

2 tbsp of Superfood powder (maca, chia, and cacao)

dark chocolate chips (however many you want)


1 egg

Mix it all together till it gets to the consistency of pancake batter (may need to add more water)

Once you cook them up, top with the PB “Frosting” and more sprinkles and/or agave.

Then stuff your face….

Be happy and smile…

Sooooo happy…

**If you try it let me know what you think!**

Also, I have twitter now….you can follow me at Salad44 🙂

Have a wonderful and very blessed Sunday!




17 responses

3 04 2011

girl you’re crazy…these sound good even with all the weird ingredients!

3 04 2011

Bomb diggity! 🙂

3 04 2011

oh socca and pancake and cake? Thats my kind of morning dish! cheers!

3 04 2011

haha soooo good!

3 04 2011

YUM! That looks like a plate of deliciousness to me!! I’ve never used garbanzo bean flour…I need to get my hands on some- YUM again!! Happy Sunday

3 04 2011

Happy Sunday to you as well! Definitely a good investment, so glad I finally gave in to the Socca revolution! lol

3 04 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

You are so ridiculously cute, even while putting pancakes in your mouth. Happy Sunday night to you!

3 04 2011

haha thank you ma’am! Happy Sunday night to you as well!

4 04 2011

omgahhhh those pancakes! FOODGASM

4 04 2011

haha yeah, my all-time favorite thing for the moment!

4 04 2011
(what runs) Lori

Gah. Hello! Amazing lookin’ cakes my dear. Yummy.

4 04 2011

Thank you ma’am! 🙂

4 04 2011

yayyy so happy you shared this recipe! i need to restock my socca flour asap! i’m on the running low side and maaaybe i should add coconut flour to the mix!

4 04 2011

yes! Definitely add the coconut flour!~its just as amazing~

4 04 2011

Ooo I love the idea of socca pancakes!!! Whenever I go to Coldstone I get the Remix too, it’s the only way to go girl 🙂

4 04 2011

you are so right! Definitely is the only way to go! :-0 my favorite!

6 04 2011

Love this idea. But now I want ice cream

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