22 04 2011

Hello All!

Today I am driving straight to San Antonio to see my parents for the night!  WAHOO!!! and then back to ATX Saturday morning to train a few clients, work on some materials for a presentation, and kayaking and/or stand up paddle boarding with my buddy David! 🙂

I want to update ya’ll on my most recent news with marathon training and other workouts:

*I cannot afford the trip to San Diego in June, nor can I run longer than 15 miles (I found out recently) without my compartment syndrome really acting up.  SO….the verdict?  I am no longer doing the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon :-(.  I was super bummed, and still am because I was truly looking forward to running this race with my friend Laura, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to run longer than 15 miles without my leg going numb!

*I have also been working with a trainer here at 24-hour fitness who has been practicing Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu for the past 12 years and teaches it as well.  He is a BALLA!  I have actually thought about looking into possibly doing MMA or something like that.  I am really enjoying it ya’ll….never thought of myself as a fighter in the sense of actually punching people etc. but its FUN!  I haven’t actually hit a person, just pads but I have found out recently that I’m pretty good at this stuff! 🙂

Here is what Jiu Jitsu looks like: Its all floor work, no punching, kicking, biting etc.

Here is what Muay Thai looks like: Its standing with footwork, kicking, punching, etc.

the guy kicking has really great hip rotation 🙂 thats what I'm working on right now

So, I thought that since I got wireless at home I would be more inclined to blog on a more consistent basis but right now my life is so hectic I barely find time to even sleep!  (As of right now, I’m running on about 2 hours of sleep). However, even thought I had to wake up early to go train a client this morning and then head to the non-profit to put a few finishing touches on these events coming up May 1 and 4, I was still happy when I woke up.


I love what I do.  I don’t know why I didn’t start personal training sooner.  Yeah, of course there are times when I get frustrated with lack of motivation in clients etc. but at the end of the day I am driven by the pure thought of making a difference in anothers life.

I am also driven by the Lord.  He has blessed with me so much and I want nothing but to spend my time here on Earth paying it forward.  Yes, I do have my times when I slip up, and sometimes I don’t make the best judgements but at the end of the day I’m truly grateful for the challenges, hardships, and victories in my life.

I am also in LOVE with the simple things in life….like watching videos of cats trying to figure out a treadmill:

or my amazing doggie arnie 🙂

For yoga and running to help open my mind and body

For a wonderful family and great friends who always support me in all my endeavors 🙂

Dad, Me, Mom, Big Scissor, and Brother-In-Law

Caitlin, Me, Ali, and Katherine

It really makes me happy to know that everyday I can wake up truly enjoying my life, my job, and just being me because I am living my life through Him, and hopefully touching peoples lives through kindness, compassion, joy, sorrow, and any other kind of emotion out there 🙂

I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter!




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22 04 2011

Aw I love you 🙂 and even if you can’t do the full maybe you can run in some local half marathons? I’m proud if you either way scissor!

22 04 2011

I half is still pretty freakin awesome!!!

Happy Easter darling 🙂

22 04 2011

Such a great post talking about such great stuff! And why do I have the hardest time twisting my arms up into that yoga pose? Don’t know the name because I am a newbie.. but really, I have the hardest time! I love that heather calls you scissor. and that you guys are sisters because you’re both so cute.

22 04 2011

girl you are FIERCE! Jujitsu or however you spell it is sewiously bad ass! if you end up doing it can you puhlease teach me! 🙂 i really want to do that whole kick the bean bag workout and beat stuff up! haha when i have moolah its definitely something i’m looking into!

22 04 2011

Sorry to hear that you aren’t going to be able to run in your race!

24 04 2011

Sorry to hear about the race but GLAD to read about all the amazing things in your life 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the new trainer and workouts. I taught kick boxing for a while and even trained at a martial arts studio (which is wayyyyy different than the run of the mill cardio box.) I love some good martial arts 🙂 Had fun on the trip!

24 04 2011
Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel


25 04 2011

Sorry to hear about your race..I jsut found your site and its great! I hope you had a wonderful easter!

25 04 2011
(what runs) Lori

I love how enthusiastic and uplifting you are! And you love your job!!! That is so truly awesome. You are blessed. 🙂 Training is wonderful… most of the time. 😉

Sad you’re not running the marathon but if your body is telling you not to, then obey. 😉 …Muay Thai is INCREDIBLE! I did it for a while and absolutely loved it! You leave completely soaked in sweat… or at least I do/did.

25 04 2011

Such a great post. I especially love the cat videos part, a girl after my own heart!

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