23, Perky and Ruthless

25 04 2011

Happy Monday Everyone!

How was your day so far?  Today has been jam packed to the brim with stuff to do, and still has yet to slow down.  I’m taking a break from working on a presentation that I’m giving tomorrow in Dallas to write this post, then its back to work!  I probably won’t sleep much at all tonight, if I get any sleep but thankfully I don’t train anyone till 11pm on Wednesday so I can sleep in a little once I get back into Austin!

Today I was training an older lady and she made a comment to me about wanting to feel young again and I thought to myself, do I really feel young or do I tend to commit to so many things that I don’t get a chance to live my life?

Well, I would say the past 2 years I didn’t live as much as I probably could have or should have but it got me to the point that I’m at right now where I am able to prioritize things in my life but still get to be a fun, perky, ruthless 23 year old single girl :-).  Now, I’m not going crazy, getting all kinds of wasted, acting a fool or anything like that but I went out on St. Patricks day with my girls,

Me and my girl Stephanie

me and Katie Jo 🙂

I have gone to a few girls nights at Glorias (mexican food place here)

Christa and I

Chris, me, Christa, and Lauren

and enjoyed my weekends by kayaking and soon paddle boarding and experiencing new things!

I have made some amazing new friends, formed a family with some co-workers and will be moving into a house with them in July.

I have also adopted my best friend David’s puppy Veta as my own 🙂 and I got to puppy sit this past weekend!

Isn’t she adorable??

Tonight I did Lori’s Dirty 30 workout…if you haven’t tried it and need something quick that will kick your bootay, this is the workout!


Tzimmes is an eastern European recipe for honey baked carrots. The Yiddish word “meren” means carrots and to increase. Carrots symbolize our hope that we increase our good deeds in the coming year.

*Sweet potatoes



*Brown Sugar (I left that out, and just used cinnamon and a little agave)

*Red Apples


*A little H2O

Boil the sweet potatoes, apples and carrots till tender.

Then drain from the water, put in a baking pan (I mashed the sweet potatoes and left the carrots and apple sliced) with the agave, prunes, onion, cinnamon and a tiny bit of water.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes covered with foil, then take off foil and bake for 10 more minutes.

This is what the dish looks like before the extra "Salah" touch

THis is Post- “Salah” touch….I added a tablespoon of some hazelnut spread, and a tablespoon of freshly ground peanut butter.

This stuff is amazing!!! Beware though, its as addicting as Nutella!!!

Peanut butter, how I love thee

After this next week (grind time for all of us in the Events Department at ACTIVE Life, since Demand Healthy Week starts a week from today!)

I will definitely be in dire need of a pedicure, an eyebrow wax, a facial and possibly a massage….mmmmmmm 🙂

Until then, I’ll stick to my at home treatments:

avocado smashed all over my face

or a mud mask:

and colorless toenails 🙂 I wear tennis shoes ALL day regardless so it doesn’t really matter I guess!

I’m off to put the finishing touches on this presentation!  Later Gators!







24 responses

26 04 2011

You just reminded me that I have pumpkin face mask that I need to start using. It’s been sitting in my drawer for way too long.

26 04 2011

pumpkin face mask? Sounds awesome!!

26 04 2011

love that stuff (the nutella look alike). Did you see the strawberries and cream one? WOW!
I think the older we the wiser we get with time and priorities. THANK GOODNESS!

26 04 2011

haha yes! I wanted to try the strawberries and cream one but I knew that if I got it the whole jar would be gone in a day! lol so i opted out 😦 have you tried that one?

26 04 2011

man, i just like to sleep when i want to relax! or at least lay around in bed 🙂 and honestly, i think the only times i’ve ever done masks on my face has been with you!

26 04 2011

hahaha I loveeeeeee wearing face masks 🙂 Sleep sounds wonderful right about now! lol

26 04 2011

oh man when I relax…like really take a day to big time relax..I start off with massage and a mani pedi then head home to hit my jammies and find a good movie on tv..That way I can just get all cozy under the covers. So relaxing and after a nice spa day it doesnt get any better! Have an awesome day!

28 04 2011

mmmm a massage just sounds sooo amazing!!!

26 04 2011

Gimme that dog! Veta is so cute!

28 04 2011

She’s awesome 🙂 Love her!

26 04 2011

ok u still even look pretty w. a face mask! LOVE those pics too!

28 04 2011

Thank you very much! 🙂

27 04 2011
(what runs) Lori

YES! mud masks! Love those… feels so clean afterward!

Tzimmes sounds very interesting to me. I love new types of foods to try- or even research. Glad you mentioned this!

Cute pictures of you and your family/coworkers! That is awesome that you have that type of bond with them. 🙂 Really makes a difference in one’s life.

30 burpees… ooooh man. 🙂

28 04 2011

Yes! They’re the best, and seriously try the Tzimmes, sooo bomb!

27 04 2011
Candice @ ChiaSeedMe

I used to do masks all the time, but it’s been forever! Looks fun:)

When I want to relax I either read or take a nap – two of my favorite things!

28 04 2011

Naps are always sooo nice!

27 04 2011

Love the pictures of you and your friends! Y’all look like you know how to have fun. And how adorable is Veta?? Mmmm Tzimmes sounds awesome- lots of things I love, all in one dish. I really only give myself pedicures at home. I’m not really good at that kind of stuff 🙂 Have a good day!!

28 04 2011

Thank you! Veta is the best! I Love puppy sitting for her, she even does doggy plyometrics!!!

27 04 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

Looks like you are living a pretty fun and active life, you youngster you. Enjoy the tight abs and perky bosom too – things I didn’t fully appreciate until they were gone. 🙂

28 04 2011

hahhaahaha, this comment totally cracked me up! 🙂

27 04 2011

I loved this post! Veta is adorable!!! 🙂 I have never seen that hazelnut spread before…but I really like nutella…so I bet it would be amazing too!! Hope you have a great evening!

28 04 2011

You need to try that spread! Sooooo good!

30 04 2011
Katherine: Unemployed

I need to try smashing avocado on my face; I need some results! (PS: puppy sitting is the best!)

1 05 2011
MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College

Ah I have always wanted to make an avocado mask! That dog is WAY too cute 🙂

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