1 05 2011

Tonight I was planning on sharing a few things with you guys about the stuff I got from iherb giveaway that I won such as:

cacoa powder, chia seeds, coconut oil, cashini, barley grass, acai lemonade drink powder, hot chocolate mix, a few magazines, some chapstick (AH-mazing!), lavender spray, and antibacterial

SIAB-banana, coconut milk, frozen mango, spinach, cacoa powder, coconut oil, and chia seeds

Sweet Potato Turd (I'll give ya'll the recipe soon) BEST THING EVER!!

Instead of sharing that I got caught up in watching Obama announce Osama Bin Ladens Death

I’m not one to really engage politically heavy debates because honestly I’m not that educated in politics.  I was working on furthering my knowledge by listening to CNN and the news while I was cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. but since I don’t have cable here in ATX  I don’t get to see much tv. I could look online at night when I get home but most of my evenings this semester have been spent doing spreadsheets and other biznazz for the events I’ve been planning and finishing up this school work!

HOWEVER, I was on facebook tonight and I saw several comments like this one,:

“first of all obama u didnt do shit to catch bin laden..the real hero is definetly not u..its the badass men an women of our military who tracked his busted ass down an took em out…not u obama..go USA”

and this one

“for thoes who think obama was the hero ur way off..he was playing golf today..not going into war with his life on the line..special forces should give the announcement..not the puppet master obama”

I mean COME ON PEOPLE!  I will usually hold my tongue on the blog when it comes to things regarding politics because I want to refrain from political debate but this has nothing to do with politics.  These statements really piss me off because where is the respect???  Whether you voted for Obama or not he IS our President and WE as a COUNTRY should have enough respect for him and the things he is doing for this country regardless!  Do no bash our president during a time of empowerment and celebration for our country?  How is that going to help?  ITS NOT!!!

***NOTE: I am EXTREMELY thankful for all the men and women who have been fighting for our country, and my heart goes out to those affected by war.  I have been praying for every family who has someone fighting ever since 9/11, and for those who have lost loved ones during these years my heart goes out to you and know now that justice has been served.***

What do you do when you hear things like this about our President?

Do you speak up or just brush it off?



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1 05 2011

First off- congrats on the win! Whoop! Gotta love all those wonderful goodies. Second- I agree, I think regardless we have to support our country as a whole and the president. HOWEVER, we’re in a very tough time right now…..and a lot of the decisions that have been made have really impacted peoples daily lives. Given this, its not surprising (and in fact… I can kind of understand/sympathize) that people are lashing out against the president. My hope is that things start to turn around and we can all come together again. I think amazing advances, like the one that happened tonight, will bring us all together

2 05 2011

ugh, i hate when people do that. the problem (and the good thing) with social media is that it gives everyone a voice and still allows them some anonymity at the same time. it’s a dangerous combination that some people just can’t handle. i think you’re right that, just as on 9/11, we need to band together as a country, a united front, and be thankful for all of the people who fought in this war and for their selfless service to our country. i’m thankful for it all because if that job – service in war or even being the president – were mine, we’d all be screwed. God bless America!

2 05 2011

Haha that sweet potato turd log made me laugh out loud, I can’t wait for the recipe!!! haha

As for speaking my mind, I usually just brush it off!

2 05 2011

ahhahahaah! sweet potato turd log. I love it. Congrats on the total win! what a score.

I tend to speak up. It took me a long time to do so as I was a bit shy but Ive come to learn that gets you nowhere. So Ive learned to speak my mind. I do pick my battles though. But I feel that is one of the most amazing things about our country is you are free to say what you feel and think without consequence. Whether your opinions are favorable or not I think everyone has a right to speak their mind. I just might not agree with them;) ha! but thats a whole other story. Yikes Ive rambled…hope you had a great day and seriously i cant wait for that turd log recipe!

2 05 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

I’m with you. He is our president, and no, he wasn’t on the front line with the gun, but no president would be. That isn’t the job of the president. Do those haters think McCain would have been the one pulling the trigger? I don’t get it. I also don’t think Obama is being portrayed as the hero. This is absolutely a military victory and I love that it is bringing focus back to our soldiers and the job that they do.

ps – that iHerb bounty is awesome!

2 05 2011

Love your blog – found it through Heather’s Dish. I hate when people bash the president. That being said, I generally don’t voice my opinion on politics in general. Like you, I don’t feel I have the background knowledge (that I think I would need to stand my own in a debate). That sweet potato log made me laugh out loud.

3 05 2011
Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

Just popping in to thank you for the great comments you always leave and I hate talking politics but in general, people are too quick to judge others, make ignorant remarks and just speak before they think. Not just in this situation but in general. More compassion would be a great thing all around 🙂

3 05 2011

That package you won looks AMAZING!! I really have been wanted to try chia seeds for quite some time now…but I can never find them in my grocery store here! I can’t wait to see what you think of them!! 🙂

5 05 2011
lauri (

Congrats on that awesome win!!

I tend to sppeak my mind, but I try to avoid talking about politics/religion except for one-on-one conversations 🙂

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