All Kinds of Shenanigans

10 05 2011

Happy Tuesday!

WARNING: This post is going to be all over the place.  So if you are looking to read something organized I would stop right here. 🙂

First and foremost I want to say HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY to my amazing Mother!!  (I sent her a card and talked to her on the phone but did not dedicate a post solely to her on Mothers day because I was hardly by my computer on Sunday).  

I love you mom and I couldn’t be more blessed than to have a wonderful woman in my life.  You have shown me how to be a lady, be compassionate, a teacher, a supporter, a friend, and most of all how to love.  I thank God everyday for you, showing Heather and I everything we needed to know about the real world, how to be faithful women, respectful and caring women.  Words cannot describe how much I love you and am thankful for everything that you have given me.  You are honestly the best 🙂 LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!

I have lately been getting into MMA and Boxing (no more marathon) and all kinds of super intense workouts.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I work in the fitness industry?  Or it may just be that I am constantly trying out new fun things!

I was doing a little research on what I want to do for my next workout (tomorrow) and found these two videos.  Pretty sure this is what I’ll be doing!

for my core

I’ll be doing each station for 1 minute, then moving on to the next.  There is a total of 18 stations.  This WILL be killer, no rest till the very very end.

When it comes to boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu the cardio training is by far the most intense thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.  I have played college Division 1 volleyball, trained for beach volleyball and trained for a marathon….that training looks like baby steps in comparison to this fighting training!

Today I did some Sparring (I think thats what it is called)….soooo hard!  My HR is definitely at its full MAX!

This is similar to what I did today:

IN-TENSE….but amazing!

I’m kind of weird, and starting to get into all kinds of different things.  My interests are going left and right.  I am now looking into possibly purchasing a motorcycle in the next year or so.  I will most likely get my license in the next 3 months or so

Kawasaki Ninja 650

As well as going skydiving in August with my cousin David (David, if you are reading this we need to sign up soon!)

I am also graduating from UNT on Friday with my Undergrad in Health Promotion!!  YAY, its about dang time I get out of school (only till I enroll for my masters at UT for Nutrition in the Spring 2012).

At the end of May I will be headed to Dallas with 3 other lovely ladies from 24-Hour to go to the Empower Fitness Celebration Conference!

Have a lovely rest of the week!  I most likely won’t be posting again till Saturday or Sunday!  🙂

What are some ways your spruce up and change your workouts?  

Do you keep the same workout or do you try to mix it up and add variety in there constantly?



9 responses

10 05 2011
Heather @ Heather's Dish

Um I kind of think you’re crazy but love ya anyway 😉

11 05 2011

haha i knew you were going to say that lol

10 05 2011

I need that dog shirt in my life! There’s a dog! On your boob!

11 05 2011

haha its one of my favorite shirts! I got it this past summer at the Sublime concert! You might be able to buy it from their website?

12 05 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

Um, this post just makes me tired. You? Are cr-ah-zy! In a good way.

Congrats on your graduation tomorrow!!

12 05 2011
(what runs) Lori

I LOVE mma style workouts! SO AMAZING. And super intense. After I did my marathon I went into no-running mode and got into mma kickboxing big-time. Then the facility went out of business so I started lifting. But yeah, it’s amazing and I’m glad you posted these videos. What awesome workouts they have! Some new core stuff for me and my clients!

18 05 2011

Yes! Those videos are awesome!

12 05 2011

Hey, hey! I am a new reader, so holler 🙂
What exactly is MMA? Sounds interesting / intense!
COngrats on graduating Friday – crazy! 😀

18 05 2011

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts (so the martial arts training that I’ve been doing is boxing, jiu jitsu, and Muay Thai)…..its super super intense!

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