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16 05 2011

First I want to start with the simple fact that ya’ll should all check out this awesome RAW giveaway at EatSpinLive!

It is official….I am now a college graduate!

Getting my Grad picture taken behind the stage….they rushed me on this photo. I’m pretty sure I was looking down trying to find the feet marks on the floor instead of looking at the camera.


Here’s the lo-down on this past weekend:


5:30am- Teach Bootcamp

7am- shower, pack, head to dallas

11:30am- Get into dallas, head straight to Teavanna and BCBGeneration for tea and a dress

12:15pm- Meet up with Brittani to get cap and gown and grab lunch for a quick catch up sesh

1pm- head into Denton to meet up with Mom and Dad, sat in traffic for an hour…I kid you not

2pm- meet up with mom and dad at the hotel, head back into Dallas to go pick up Heather

3pm- Pick Heather up, head back into Denton

4pm- still stuck in traffic, Heather makes fun of me because I am unable to give a number of miles left till we get to Greenhouse (pre-graduation dinner)

4:15pm- Make it to greenhouse, order food…I got the seared ahi tuna fillet with veggies and a side salad YUM!

5pm- Go to the hotel to get ready for graduation in 20 minutes

6pm- go to the Gym for graduation

7pm-9pm- Graduate

10pm- Head to hotel and hang out with family

1130pm- Bed Time


7am-Wake up, say by to mom dad and sister

8am- finally get on the road

8:30- Stop at Whole Foods across from the Northpark Mall

9am-get back on the road with an awesome smoothie in my hand and some dates and dried figs in hand πŸ™‚

12:30pm- Get back into Austin, Drop off my Gerber Daisies that I got from mom and dad for Graduation πŸ™‚

1pm-head to the Toney Burger Center for the ACTIVE Life Festival

1:30-5:15pm- Work the ACTIVE LIfe Festival

5:15-head home to shower off the jello from the Jello Fight, and get ready for dinner with Brandon

5:45pm- finally get home, exhausted, stare into space for a little then finally hop in the shower and get ready for dinner and a night with my best friend Kesley from High SchooL!

7pm- Get to Brandons house, has Salmon and steamed veggies ready for me to eat! It was awesome!

9pm-head downtown with Chris and Michelle to meet up with Kelsey and Justin and some other awesome people!

9:30-2am- downtown celebrating life, and my graduation

Kelsey and I...haha inside joke

230am- head back home

330am (after dropping everyone off at their houses….I was DD) finally arrive back home


8am- wake up

8:30, decide to get ready for photoshoot for Owleyes

930- head downtown to go to the photoshoot at 10

10-330 pm- Photoshoot

330- head home

4pm- get home, catch up on The Voice and The Biggest Loser, do laundry, unpack and clean room

8pm- head out to grab groceries, take David dinner (ruptured his bicep so he can’t cook for himself) and hang out for a bit

1030pm- get back home, wash face and CRASH!

It was such a hectic weekend but super fun!


7am- Training Session


10am-trianing session

11am- training session

12pm- head home….prepare lunch

Cauliflower Fries!

nom nom nom

These are sooo good

4:30- Lost a bet and had to dress up all crazy and go to our Group X class called Nigh Club Cardio

Yep, Thats right….don’t be jealous

6pm-training session/workout πŸ™‚

7pm-11pm- Get home, prepare dinner, put together clients workouts for tomorrow, get food ready for the rest of the week, prepare morning 15minute workout, FINALLY catch up on Everyones Blogs, and watch a movie with Brandon πŸ™‚

**Today I got a little gift from Joclyn over at MissFitBliss….I won her MPG giveaway and got it in the mail**

The pants


9am training session

11am Boxing session

1pm meeting in downtown Austin

4pm training session

5pm training session

6pm training session

7pm training session

Wed, Thursday Friday:

my day starts at 330-4am everyday those days….nuff’ said πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful Monday evening!




15 responses

16 05 2011

phew, I am tired just reading this. COngrats!! And now I really need to buy you a kombucha!

18 05 2011

Yes ma’am! We’ll figure something out for this weekend hopefully!

16 05 2011

I’m tired just reading all of that! It was a full weekend for sure, I’m just glad i got to see you!!!

18 05 2011

So glad I got to see you too! Love you scissor!

17 05 2011

How did you like the salad?

Congratulations on graduating!

18 05 2011

I LOVED the salad! Soooo good!

17 05 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

Congratulations! Have fun with your crazy busy life these days!!

18 05 2011

I definitely will! Thank yoU!

17 05 2011

Congratulations! thats so exciting!

18 05 2011

Thank you ma’am πŸ™‚

18 05 2011
Joslyn @ missfitbliss

YAAY Salah!! Congratulations on such an amazing milestone in life!! That outfit looks sooooo cute on you! Don’t you just love the length of those pants?? Loved catching up on your adventures – I’m sure there are many many more to come…

18 05 2011

I absolutely LOVE those pants! They fit so perfectly!

18 05 2011

phewwwwwwwwwwwww! I’m exhausted just reading about it πŸ™‚ CONGRATS on graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fabulous! And your friends look like so much fun! Cauliflower fries? I want in! Cute cute workout outfit- love!!

18 05 2011

Thank you girlie! THose cauliflower fries are amazing!

18 05 2011
MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have to try cauliflower fries sometime…they look amazing

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