My First Time

18 05 2011


Ok, so here in Texas we only have 2 more hours left of Wednesday, but you catch my drift.

One thing I always try to tell my clients is that they HAVE to eat well in order to see the results they are wanting to get.  Then I get asked the question, “well, what do you eat?”….

Perfect Opening for my VERY FIRST WIAW

<a href="“>3:30am


bahahaha, another turd log 🙂 Recipe next post!


Check out these stats….if you can read it!

90 calories for the package, 3g fiber, 8g protein

and of course to go along side



And that’s all folks!  

*Have you have any “first time’s” lately?

COMING UP: A Post on Metabolic Training

Have a wonderful night!




4 responses

18 05 2011
Heather (Heather's Dish)

hahahaha omg i am STILL laughing about the turd log! hahaha Nate goes, “Your sister is so weird!” love it and i love you hahahah

19 05 2011

haha niiiice turd log!?

whats in your veggie bowl? mango, cukes & avocado??

19 05 2011

LOL! I want a turd log, looks good to me.

23 05 2011

YAY For WIAW!!! 🙂

Sometimes food doesn’t LOOK good, but it tastes good… like the turd log 😉

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