2 06 2011

On my last post, I showed ya’ll my plan.

I have not started yet, this coming Monday will be Day 1 of THE PLAN, and I will fly from there!

This week I have been doing a lot of CrossFit inspired workouts with my bootcamps (6:30am on Tuesdays, and 5:30am on Fridays) and with myself as well.

Tuesday I did this workout:

5 Rounds:

-10 burpees

-20 box jumps

**its insane how many people do box jumps incorrectly at the gym!**

2 Major Keys to A Great box Jump:

-land softly

-full foot on the box

-30 push-ups

-40 squats

-50 lunges

This was H-A-R-D but left me feeling worked out but energized!  Loved it!

Bootcamp on Tuesday morning looked a little like this:

2 Rounds:

-1 min plank with side to side step

-1 min plank walkout with towel pull

-1 min ninja get-ups

Timed Round:

30 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible

-10 Scorpions (5 ea. side)

-20 V-push-ups

-30 body weight squats

-30 mountain climbers (both legs =1)

Countdown to finish:

start at 10 reps, then 9, then 8, then 7….etc all the way down to 1.

-lunge jumps (both legs =1)

-Full Sit Ups (with weight optional)


I am super excited about starting up Insanity again next week and then progressing to Insanity: The Asylum!

**I will be posting up a meal program soon that I am writing for my clients!**

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Question: Have you ever tried CrossFit?  What do you think about it?




6 responses

2 06 2011

Ahhh burpees kick my BUTT!!!! Literally 🙂 I hate ’em but I love ’em!

2 06 2011

those ninja get ups kill! in a good good way.

2 06 2011

I’ve actually never done crossfit but have heard really great things about it! Form is everything though…i think it’s a great fit for people who have some strength already an are looking for a new way to workout!

2 06 2011
(what runs) Lori

Damn. Now those are some workouts! LOVE IT! And hate it… I dislike half the moves on here- but it’s one of those love to hate things. 😉

Box jumps are hard. lol

Great work! And thanks for the workout ideas!

2 06 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

I was tired just watching the infomercial for Insanity Asylum. I look forward to hearing about your experience with it. You rockstar you.

3 06 2011

I have a crossfit across the street and I’ve tried it once. That was all I needed. the box jumps are OOC! My husband loves it so I do yoga and he does crossfit!

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